Rest and Restore or MitoMax NT from FFC?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. elliespad

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    My question is, Does anyone taking MitoMax NT from FFC have any cheaper source for this supplement? Also, Rest and Restore, Can't seem to locate these anywhere else. Might be made specifically for them. Was able to do a lot better (cost wise) finding Advanced Medical Labs Transfer Factor Basics, but not MitoMax NT. Anyone?
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    I switched my husband to the Mitochondria Ignite with NT Factor from the Prohealth website. I honestly could not tell the difference between the tablets. He hasn't noticed any difference between the two!

    Good Luck!

  3. hopeful4

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    Hi Elliespad,
    I'm the queen of trying to find supplements for cheaper, but also have had a hard time finding them elsewhere for less.

    I don't know what MitoMax NT is, but I've been on NT Factor from Advanced Medical Labs, and did not find any exact alternative for it. Now that you mention it, I have not noticed a bit of difference taking it, either. That was costing $98/month, I thnk I'll reconsider that one.

    I think that Rest and Restore has the same formula as Peaceful Nights from ProHealth. You can double check that in the ProHealth store here. I think it's $15.95/bottle

    Have you found anything else for less? I get some things at iherb dot com. Free shipping over $40. I'm supposed to have:

    COQ10 400 mg./once per day. At FFC was in the $80 range, and it had soy which I cannot have. So I buy Natural Factors, 200 mg./60 caps for $36.

    Acetyl L Carnintine 500 mg./twice per day. Found comparable "Now" brand, 500 mg./ 100 caps for $18.

    Jarrowdophilus is around $12.

    Was taking NK Stim at $68/month. Now thinking about switching to medicinal mushrooms called Host Defense at $20/month.

    Do you have Lyme? Wondering about finding those meds for less also.

    Good luck, take care,

  4. hopeful4

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    Hi again,
    I was tested for Lyme at FFC in March '05 thru Quest, and it was negative. I hear that the Quest test is very unreliable.

    It wasn't until October, when I switched to a newly opened FFC near where I live that I was retested for Lyme with the Igenex Western Blot. That was positive.

    I really don't understand why they bother with the Quest test at all. It would have saved me 6 months to have the Igenex right away.

    I understand what you mean about almost wishing it comes out positive. I was shocked to find that I have it, scared, but also relieved to know that I'm not crazy, or deficient, and that it is treatable, and that there is hope.

    Just remember, Lyme is a clinical DX. Having positive labs helps identify it, but is only part of the picture.

    Thanks for the supplement info. Wishing you the very best with your treatment at FFC. Take care,
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