Rest In Me ...

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    Rest In Me ...

    Rest in the Lord, today.
    Cease from your labor and pray.

    Call unto Me and I will show you things you never knew, things that only could seem beyond your reach. With Me, they are closer than you think. Thank Me, for what I am about to do and I will move heaven and earth for you. Be not afraid. Claim my word. For, it will not return void and prosper in that thing I have sent it to.

    Rest in Me, today. This is the day I have made. Rejoice and be glad in it. Call Me I will answer you. I will bless you. I will make you fruitful.

    Do you doubt what I can do? Then, it will not come true for you. Repent of your doubt. Faith is what I want, to please Me. It requires you to take Me at My word. Have you not heard? No good thing will I hold back from those who truly love Me.

    Oh child, if you could only see. But then, that would not be faith. Now, would it be? But, reality, in the form of comprehending or understanding, intellectually ... that is foolishness to me.

    My ways, I have told you are not the same as man. I am God. I am Love. I set the standard far above. But, it is within your reach. If you hear Me, today, I will show you as you pray.

    Seek Me, in every way. For, today, is meant to be holy. Seek Me, this is what I say and seek Me by resting in Me. For, the plan I have for you requires you to listen to what I tell you to do.

    This, I know, is what you have prayed for. You have desired to hear Me more. So, listen to Me as I speak and
    I will open the doors.

    It will come true. The believer's heart will always see heaven's destiny. For those who seek Me first, My Kingdom I will give to you.

    So, now, my child, rest in Me. Today is the beginning of your victory. Rest in Me, dear one. For, in Me, you will find that I am kind, holding you close to Me. Precious one, I see what is ahead for you.

    I do not promise it will always be easy. But, with me, with My yoke on, you will be strong. You have the victory. You can reach to eternity. You can grasp the key that will bring you closer to all the beauty I have created.

    The enemy has tried to cheat you and defeat you. Things that were precious, you took for a loss. But, by the cross, you will be compensated. This is the day, I declare for you to restore you, to bless you, my child. I will pour My life into you. I will give you favor and as you savor all the things I have for you.

    I am pleased, child, that you seek Me more than anything. For that, I will give you that secret thing ... double the blessing. But, you must do, now, what I have called you to do.

    Dear one, rest in Me. Let me set you free, virtually; giving strength and pouring my Spirit 'a fresh and new' for you. Rest in me.

    © 2002 by Elena Ramirez