restarted merc detox w/ala & dmsa

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    Hi all - you can see my first post above for all the info about the detox. I restarted it last week, this time adding in 12.5 mg. of alpha lipoic acid in addition to the 25 mg. dmsa. With the ala, you're supposed to take doses every 3 hours instead of 4. I am very good at taking pills etc. on schedule! One of my many talents .....:)

    Anyways, the first two days were okay though I was a bit tired the 2nd night and then I think that night I slept very hard, which is unusual for me, and was very tired the next day and pretty much the following two days, and also slept hard 3 nights in a row which I never do. I did the ala and dmsa for 2-1/2 days and the hardest part was the 2 days after I stopped. This is because the dmsa keeps the mercury moving out of your body and when you stop it, everything resettles. So taking the ala with the dmsa was noticeably harder than the dmsa alone. The ala is to move mercury out of your brain, it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and then the dmsa gets it out of your body.

    My chiro gave me something called Spanish black radish which is supposed to help mop up toxins so will add that in. I can't do the detox this week because of a family matters but will get back to it next week and hope to continue uninterrupted at least for a couple of weeks.

    I probably will cut the ala dose a bit because it was harder than I was expecting, although not unbearable. I'm used to feeling like crap :) I often think we have probably 50 words for fatigue, like the Eskimos are supposed to have for snow - there's fatigue from lack of sleep, B12 deficiency, folate deficiency, detoxing, hypothyroidism, PEM, low potassium, being sick, wheat intolerance, stress and weak adrenals, screwed up digestion (lack of stomach acid), I know there's more.

    Anyways, it's way too soon to tell how this will help or not but am glad to finally be starting it in earnest.

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    I'm now on my second round of dmsa and ala - I've cut the ala in half as I ended up getting verrrrrry tired at the end of the first round (see above). So am on day 2 of round 2 and feel a little spacey and a little extra tired, but can handle it.

    I've explained somewhere that I'm doing this because I am hoping it will help with PEM. I've read about 2 people who eliminated their PEM after doing a mercury detox. I've done everything else - thyroid, adrenals, digestion, all in good shape; diet is very good; taking all the mitochondrial supplements plus methylation supplements. So we'll see. I have an appt. to see Dr. Chia in Torrance on 12/31 - he believes there is an infectious basis for some or many cases of CFS, and this was his soonest appt. I could get on a cancellation list and probably get in sooner, but realized I want to give the mercury detox a fair trial before seeing him, so will not be getting on that list, at least for now.

    I have made progress - my crashes or PEM are not as bad as they used to be, but they still cripple me just as much because I am still limited to such little activity in order to avoid them. It's really not a life. So we will see. Am just glad to finally be doing this after interminable postponements.

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    Finished the second round and it was totally different from the first. The first made me very tired after a couple of days and I slept like the dead. The second made me mildly tired and spacey, and had my usual sleep problems. I don't know if this is because I cut the ALA in half the second? who knows? But will do it again next week, going back to the original ALA dose and see how it goes. At least it is tolerable!