restless (arms, etc.)... natural solutions?

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    the only time i ever feel "normal" (not restless or in pain; one form or another), as i did before this dd, is when i'm taking medication.

    now, i'm allergic to all meds (or the side effects knock me out).

    anyone have any more natural (food, therapy, etc.) ideas (i don't fare so well with supplements and herbs, either).

    granted, i do still drink one strong cup of coffee each day (which can't help the restlessness, but really helps energy and mental clarity).

    i'm always tired but can never sit still. but if i stop moving, i nearly fall over from fatigue. it seems to HELP me to keep moving. but, of course, this tires me! (a viscious circle). i think i've heard others here speak about this.

  2. Chilene

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    sorry it took me a bit to get back!

    i've had some form of (allergic?) reaction to magnesium in the past (just like nearly every supplement, herb, drug--i try... though i am able to handle garlic lately). it's frustrating that i can't take magnesium, as it seems to be recommended for so many things. maybe if i cut it even further down than i had before(?).

    i just bought some CoQ 10, which was recommended for my nasal polyps. haven't tried it yet.

    i'll look into your other recommendations, too!

    and thanks for such a helpful profile!

    fibrohugs to you;)--

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    if it was capsule (i didn't think it was, thought it mas a calcium-magnesium tablet...)... it could have been something like a reaction to the silica (if it had that). or something(?)...

    i say this only because at one time i was trying liquid silica and clearly reacted to that.

    ridiciulous and frustrating!...

    so, if i can find supplements in capsule form now, i will empty them from the capsule, maybe, to see if that changes anything.