restless leg syndrome but in back muscles?

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    Does anyone ever get restless leg syndrome type symptoms but in their back? All day yesterday my back was achey(from top to bottom) and also felt like i was sunburnt, so pain was sort of prickly on the skin but deep in the muscles was an annoying ache. Last night i could only sleep on my left side, started to get spasms when lying on my back, right side or stomach. Yes i have had this type of pain in my legs as well but not last night. I take neurontin for this and have used lyrica in the past for this but it pooped out.

    I do know that tricyclic antidepressants and a few other drugs can aggravate RLS. Seroquel is one of them which i take twice a week for sleep, sometimes i get pain sometimes i dont. The night before used mirtazipine and had the achey legs.

    When i read about RLS is mentions an urge to move your legs, where i get pain which makes me want to move some but not all over the place where the sheets end up in knots. Is it RLS?

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    I don't know much about RLS, just what the commercials say, but I get the feelings you describe all over my entire body sometimes and it usually only happens when I lay down.

    It is the most frustrating and painful experience. It sometimes gets so bad that I feel like the only way the pain will end is if I cut off certain parts of my body. (not that I ever would, i'm just saying)

    I have found that mmj helps when I get like this. I also find that sitting in my massage chair for an extended period, while initially painful, does help.
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    experience the same symptoms of achey feelings and especially the sun-burnt feelings.

    The reason for my response though is on the RLS question. RLS is not really the "urge" to move, but the actions of movement, more specifically the quick jerking of your legs.

    RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is the muscles just cause involuntary movements of your legs. PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement disorder) is when several different areas of your body just jerk unexpectedly. Most of the time these movements happen just as you are about to go to sleep or are in a light sleep.

    I have had my legs, arms and shoulder just move out of no-where. One time when I was laying on my back watching TV drigting off to sleep, both shoulders jumped forward. Jolted me back away.

    I have read somewhere that this is a reaction of the brain sending out a strong electrical pulse out to nerves of certain areas of your body that has not sent a signal to the brain telling it that it was still "attached", so the brain shoots a signal and the jerking is the reaction of the electrical burst sent.

    A different article says this is just a short circuit of the brain sending out mis-fired signals more common with MS due to the deteriation of the myelin sheath covering the nerves in the brain?
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    after reading your response, i dont think i have rls at all, maybe some type of neuropathic pain thing going on. Definately no jolting or twitching just different degrees of pain.