restless leg syndrome-what are the symptoms?

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  1. jgckeyes

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    My legs hurt sometimes more that the rest of my body. What are the symptoms of RLS. I can usually go to sleep I just keep waking all through the night. The times-which aren't that much--that I can't go to sleep or does off and wake up moving because I am hurting, it's my legs that are hurting. When I wake up my legs are burning and aching. I usually stay stiff all day. Is this rls? Thanks,
  2. goingslowlycrazy

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    I have this quite badly - probably four nights out of seven.
    Mine feel like (as someone else said) that you need to stretch your legs out as far as they will go and then some.
    The worst bit is the feeling that ants are crawling inside your legs, mine is especially bad behind my knees. I just feel like I want to break my legs open and scratch them inside.
    I have found that a warm (not hot) bath can help.
    There are some good sites on this..just put restless leg syndrome into your browser.
    sorry you have this.........
  3. ForeverFlaring

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    I have RLS as well. The only way to describe it sucks. You lay in bed begging for sleep to come. You are exhausted and you know Mr. Sandman is just around the corner. You feel like you need to take one final stretch of your legs, and then he will come. S-T-R-E-T-C-H!! Oh man, that felt good, now I can sleep.

    No wait. One more stretch that should do the trick...... S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!!!!. Good, I am glad that's over with...NOW I can sleep. So you lay there and just as your are drifting off, you need to stretch again. And again. And again. It seems like it will never end. Spouses aren't too fond of it either. He is cuddling up to you and just as HE drifts off you stretch and wake him up a bit...and then streeettcch and it wakes him up more. Afer about 45 minutes of this you are wide awake and PISSED!! LOL! You are pissed because your legs wont shut up, and your hubby is hissing at you to pleasejuststopmovingyourdamnlegs!!!

    So you get up, read a book, soak in the tub, pace around the house, and after a few hours you MAY be lucky enough to go back to bed without having to stretch anymore.
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    I have RSL also. My legs do hurt a lot. My legs jump and jerk a lot also. I didn't realize I had RSL until on day I was taking a nap and my son woke me up frightened. Apparently my legs were going crazy in my sleep and it scared my son terribly. I went to my doctor and he put me on klonopin.
  5. Dara

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    it feels like I can't stretch my legs enough. I take Sinemet for RLS.

  6. Dayle

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    as much as I just have to jerk & jerk & etc. Like you have to shake the twitches out. I find that vit. E really helps as does walking every day & stretching.
    LOL, Day
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    I am new to message boards so bear with me please. I know how you feel I suffer terrible pain not only in the right leg but also in the arm. I sometimes cry with the pain but have know idea what to do if any one can come up with suggestions I would love to know. I get out of bed so I dont disturb my husband and sit in the lounge for awhile and hope I can get some sleep when I go back to bed.
  8. jennycousins

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    i have just started doing yoga, my back feels a lot better, no pain!! try it you might like it!
  9. TerriM

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    My doctor told me restless leg syndrome is caused by low dopamine in the brain (one of our neurological effects of our illness). Tricyclics like Elavil raise Dopamine slightly . . . my father-in-law has RLS and takes Paxil (dopamine and seratonin are closely linked) and doesn't have it anymore. They know that dopamine & seratonin are involved in this . . . there is a dangerous condition known as Seratonin Sickness which involves getting too much Seratonin and one of the major symptoms is uncontrollable leg movements. Hope this helps . . . Love, Terri
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  10. anniegetyourgun

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    I have RLS too... I tried Sinemet for a few weeks, then noticed my RLS got WORSE. Strangely enough I found out that one of the side effects of Sinemet was increased symptoms of RLS!

    The Mayo Clinic has a research foundation just for RLS. It was started 15 years ago, and has a free newsletter called "Night Walkers". The website is: There's a lot of good info, and they're looking for research participants across the U.S.