Restless leg syndrome

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    Thought I'd pop in with some food for thought. For those who don't know me I've long been a proponent of the idea that FMS is a neurological condition.
    I have have a 16 daughter that is a chip off the old block that has been having problems with leg pains. From her symptoms it appears she has restless leg syndrome. Researched it (see the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation Inc) and it is more prevelant in people with ADHD and FMS than in the rest of the population (not the first time I've seen a connection between the 2). Interesting part of my research was the fact that SSRIs sometimes have a paradoxal effect when used on RSL (affects people in exact opposite ways) something that has been mentioned on this board by people that have tried SSRIs for FMS.
    Anyway, the connection makes for interesting reading and may help some of us in the search for relief from pain
    I won't be back "on board" until Monday afternoon (have to watch the Packers play today) to answer any responses but I hope people look into the connection.
    "Search, research and then re-search and you may find the answer"