restless legs? and trying to exercise hurts

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    hi everyone,

    I am pretty sure I have it FM, I wrote my first post before, but want to ask this, I think I have restless leg, but I don't have a thing with kicking, just the always feeling something, and sore pain. I am 42 and I wanted to try and exercise more(I do walking now and then)I hear that might help went and did a little roller blading with my son for less then 1/2 hour and today it hurts to walk. I felt pretty ok when I was doing it but the next day this am I doom, I want to get an exercise bike, will it get better with time, or will it be like this every time you do something. This thing really really stinks.

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    My heavens, that's quite a leap from walking now and then, I'm not surprised your legs hurt. Mine would be in agony.
    Anyway, you may have RLS, or you may not. Mostly it's diagnosed from the jittery, aching, jumping they do. Especially at night. But, your legs still can benefit from Magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Eat bananas and mega-dose yourself with Magnesium. I'm sure others on this board will help you out with other herbs and vitamins. GL N
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    I have restless leg syndrome (RLS) and before I knew what it was the leg pain and creepy/crawly feeling would be worse at night and walking relieved it temporarily. Does this happen? If not your leg pain may be from something else. A sudden increase in activity such as rollerblading can make the RLS much worse for a day or so. Soak in a tub with some epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide (not sure of amount - you can do a search to find the other posts on this). To find out for sure if you have RLS, see a Neurologist. Have you seen a Rheumatologist to find out about FM? He may also be able to tell you if it's RLS and give you something.

    With FM you need to learn how to start exercise slowly - any new type of exercise should definitely not be done for a 1/2 hour, maybe 5-10 minutes would be a good place to start. I know this is a hard thing to learn how to do but it is very important not to overexert muscles. An exercise bike or any low impact exercise would be good but again start out very slowly and build up a few more minutes each week.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks guys you sound right on the mark, no I never seen an
    Neurologist or a Rheumatologist going to the doc next week going to ask her if I can go. I guess going slow would be the anwser thanks for the support. I am now just starting to take Magnesium, vit. e, malic acid, and b12 hope it helps. My legs seeem to stay the same morning noon and night.

    Thanks again