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  1. aug31955

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    does anyone have this? it is a trip I have it constantly take meds for it but sometimes it does not help. Is there any suggestions that you do to help with this problem.
  2. aug31955

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    thanks for that info i will have mine checked also. i have been on mirapex for a few years now. 1.5 mg 3 times a day
    and i get it in my torso and my arms, i have to swing my arms around like a rangatang monkey. excuse my spelling. also if you lay on the floor and put your but up against the couch and put your feet up as high as they can go that will sometimes relieve your legs. not sure about the back. that would have to be a strang position.
    ps have a good week. do you work?
  3. Lendy5

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    Hi, I get this too and take generic klonopin.

    You can pull up several post on using pure soap (Ivory Soap) by placing in under your bottom sheet and the end of your bed and it is suppose to relieve RLS.

  4. aug31955

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    2 years ago I was hurt real bad at my job. I fell in a hole and injured my back and crushed my ankle. now i have ended up with a servre staph infection, they are looking at it to see if it has gone to the bone. It has been a long haul and i lost my job in the process of trying to get well, was in a wheelchiar for 5 months anyway working for me i think is going to be out of the question, i nob out off and on all day if i am sitting I try to stay busy but this infection has worn me down even more.
    I had a great job for someone like us I was a ticket agent in a booth at a hospital, i loved my job. it was easy a no brainer but i kept having problems with my back so i was out of work so they let me go. but you know i believe that
    if you run around with a good heart, a good attuitude then things workout for a reason.
    nice talking to you
  5. aug31955

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    for real that is intresting, i will have to try this but dont tell anybody**********
    have a good week write me anytime
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    I get this. It's much worse when I exercise.

    It has gotten much better since I've been on Neurontin.

    Good luck,

  7. bbybear77

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    I used to just take Ibuprofen and then a friend of mine suggested putting a large pillow under my knees and buttocks at night. So far it has done the trick!! Hope this helps you...
  8. larryh

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    If you are taking any antidepressants they may be making your RLS worse. Mine got to be terrible until I quit taking Prozac. It took some trial and error to find something that would help with out making the RLS worse, but mine is almost un-noticable now.

  9. Suze

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    Magnesium is constantly recommended to alleviate restless legs.

  10. meme11

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    Hi, you won't believe this but about 5 yrs ago a dr put me on.1 mg of folic acid and haven't had it since. It was aweful, and it's been gone after about a week. I have taken 1 a nite for all these yrs. My sister took it over the counter, a bigger dose if you don't get a prescription. IT WORKS Meme
  11. boltchik

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    I do not get it enough to have meds prescribed, but when I do wake up with it in the middle of the night, I go take a hot shower. The hot or warm water is really soothing and I just let it run on my legs for about 10 minutes. It's kind of crazy to just go jump in the shower in the middle of the night, but it's not like I will be able to go back to sleep anyways with the "creepy, crawly, anxious" feeling in my legs. Works for me, but I guess some people have it bad enough that they need meds. Have a good night, Kim :)
  12. sonjahuffman

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    I have almost nightly problem with rls. I use a product called Leg Cramps with Quinne made by Hyland's. It takes care of the problem quickly and effectively. You should be able to find it any where a store has a nutrtional section. Good luck.
  13. Cromwell

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    Just wanted to alert people that my neighbor has been taking the quinnine based med for restless legs for about 12 weeks and suddenly got a terrible allergic reaction to it. Heart rate fell to 78 over 30, covered in a rash within an hour, could not breathe, ER saved her.

    So whatever you are taking be very watchful, as allergies apparently can build up after several weeks.

    Love Anne