results from doc. re. thyroid med.

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    Thank you to all those people who bumped up my question re. T3 and esp. to Wasabi for your info.

    Saw the doc. and he explained my test results and why I was feeling worse after having been on thyroid med. for 3 months. I was on a compound of 30mcg T3 and 10 mg hydrocortisone in one capsule.

    The test results showed increase cholesterol, and decreased thyroid function. My BP was also high. I felt very tired and cfs-ish. Not stressed, more flushed than normal or shaky - just sooo tired and weak.

    Well, apparently, even though I have builing up and taking things (e.g., rhodoila, special protein liquid, Vit C, D3, special salt etc.) to improve my adrenal function since I tested positive for low adrenal function in Sept., the adrenals are still not strong enough to support the low level of T3 he put me on, even with the hydrocortosone.

    He told me to stop the compound. I did - and I felt a little better within 24 hours and have continued to get back to "normal" cfs, as opposed to
    "I want to die" cfs.

    So now we shall be looking into adrenal extracts to improve the adrenal function sufficiently so that, when/if I restart the T3's, my adrenals should be better able to cope with it. I am not keen to increase the level of the hydrocortosine because of potential side effects of higher doses, but he might be able to talk me into taking the hydrocortosine by itself for a few months in conjunction with adrenal support medication, before we have another go at the T3's.

    I am giving this report in some detail as part of my thanks to those who provided support and with the hope that it might provide some information for anyone else with a similar reaction to thyoid med.
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    because his adrenals are not doing the job. He's on 20 mg. a day and we're giving it a trial period of one month to see if his CFIDS gets better. Well, you know what I mean...better enough so that he can do something. He's 18 and wasn't able to start college in Sept., so he is trying again in Jan. So far, he's had great results from the Cortef- more energy than we've seen in a long time and he's staying up later. So I'm cautiously optimistic. I know that it's not great to be on that med long term, but we'll see how it goes.
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    I take Thyrolar (a synthetic T3/T4 combination) and the product insert has a warning about using any thyroid medications when the adrenals are not functioning properly.

    When I had adrenal problems because of a brain injury (damage to the pituitary gland which apparently affected ACTH output) I had to back off my thyroid medication until it got better. I started back up with small doses until I was back to my maintenance dose.

    If you do have poor adrenal function it will be much more pronounced in cold weather. I had to use loads of salt for a while to compensate when I was at my worst. I reacted to cortisone medications so I just had to wait it out.

    What actually turned it around was moving to a high causes the body to produce more cortisol for high altitude adaptation. After about three months I was able to get back on the thyroid again.


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    I've been doing alot of research on it too. Sometimes the symptoms of Wilson's syndrome (adrenal exhaustion) mimic the symptoms of hypothyroidism. So then the hypothyroidism is only secondary to problems w/ your adrenals. As has been mentioned, you can get much worse if only the thyroid is treated when it's really the adrenals that need attn. and then the thyroid will respond too.

    Doc tried to put me on cortef, and I wouldn't take it. If your doc is wise enough to recognize adrenal exhaustion, then maybe they will be open enough to try the old tried and true natural route. It used to be, that only natural glandulars were used as thyroid medicine.

    I'd be happy to steer you to some good ones.

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    I am taking 37.5 mcg compounded T3 and 20 mg Cortef a day. I have been feeling much better since taking this combo. I'm hoping it's not just a band-aid effect. My regular PCP says the Cortef shouldn't be taken for more than a year.

    Jeanne-in-Canada - what natural adrenals do you recommend?