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  1. bozey

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    My belly is fine. Hello, it is still swelled up like I'm 9 months pregnant. I mean, it is good that there is no medical problem wrong with it but what now? So in other words, I'm just fat!!! How depressing! So, I guess I'm going to try the garlic thing and see if that helps.

    If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I'm open. Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo

  2. Rosiebud

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    it's not fat, it's swelling. My doc doesnt give me any suggestions, I take garlic tablets and probiotics but it still swells, not every day though.

    I've tried water tablets and they can help but they also take all the minerals out of your body.

    Cant win.

    Hope it goes down soon.

  3. getfitat40

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    My sister gets this too and she has tied it to consuming bread, pasta, and other 'white flour' food. If she avoids them, her swelling goes down considerably. She does not have Celiac Disease but must have some sort of intolerance like a lactose intolerance.
  4. bozey

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    My primary doc said to do some sit ups. I told him that that's easy for him to say. Next to impossible for me to do. Went to gyno yesterday for yearly and he didn't have anything to say. I'm going back to the surgeon that did my gall bladder surgery next Thurs to have him check it. There are a few spots that are sore when I push on them and I can't stand pants on my belly yet. I roll the waist down off my belly. And by evening, my belly still feels so tight that I have to lean back to take the pressure off it. If this keeps up, I'll just go buy some maternity pants and be done with it. Not really, I really want the bloating to be gone. I'll keep searching for an answer.

    Tnanks guys

  5. mariee

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    Have you had your ovaries/uterus checked? My tummy grew like I was pregnant...well, I was growin' somethin...I had an internal ultrasound done which picked up a huge mass...not detected by other tests...
    worth looking into.
    After my surgery (hysterectomy) my tummy was swollen for a bit, but it was better than before surgery (like after giving birth)
    My internist missed this growth for over a year. When it was finally discovered, I saw docs step up like I have never seen before. They were so relieved it wasn't cancer...
    So see an ob/gyn...
    Love and best wishes.
  6. bozey

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    Thank you. I don't think I have IBS but still am not sure. I do eat alot of sandwiches. Love bologna sands. And I probably eat pasta once or twice a week. I'm a very picky eater.

    knahall---I'm not giving up til I find a reason for this. I am too worried about cancer. My Mom died 35 years ago at age 36 of cancer and my younger brother died 10 years ago at age 38.
    The surgeon for the gall bladder didn't do a biopsy of the liver but put in his notes that the liver is inflammed. I do have a fatty liver. They found the gall stones when doing an ultrasound for my liver.

    hangin---I was hoping you would reply cause I remember someone on here talking about the garlic. I want to try that. I only have odorless garlic here(and it is 1000mg) so I am going to have to go to the store. I sure hope it works for my big belly. I've never had a test done for bacterial stomach infection.

    doxy---I think I will check out maternity pants. I've been wearing wind pants(jogging pants) for a year now. I too have small hips and behind & now big belly. Tho' I've a bit of a belly for 3 years now, this is just uncomfortably big. I've always tho't that if your belly is bigger than your boobs, you are fat. Well, now I are fat.LOL

    mariee---I had my uterus out 4 years ago. I just went for my yearly gyno check up Weds. He pushed around but didn't say anything. I don't know if the pap smear will show anything but he will call next week if it does.

    Again, booo hooo hooo.

    So, Anyhoo, I am not giving up until I get an answer. I don't like it when I don't know what is wrong.

    Thank you all and big hugs to you

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