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    First, thank all of you for replying. It was so dear of you.

    My Dr. today tried to explain it to me--------it is the nerve and tendon and sciatic nerve that are inflammed. TYhe pain runs right down that outside of my left leg. he put an injection in my hip but----by the time we ate Mexican and came home, it hurt!!!!!

    he give me a Rx for Ultram ER and the pharmacist didn't have any - has to order and wait til Mon. Anything else he has given me hurt my stomach and his wifwe is also one of those persons.

    He also said that osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia all work against one another causing more pain!!

    Before I left, I had 5 X-rays of my lower back and 4 of my hip. maybe he can findj out if there is something going on in there.

    We can not win with these horrible things, can we but we can stick together and support one another.

    (((((((((Gentle hugs))))))))))))))

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    I had to get steroid shots for my siatica.
    They worked the first time but not the second. Then I had a neck trauma that was like having siatica in my head, neck and down my left arm so I had steroid shots again, the first round didn't work after only a month the second one lasted a little longer and then the fibro or myofascial pain syndrome set in and I am just miserable all the time. I sure hope they can find out what is wrong with you and more importantly do something about it that works....Tam

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