results of my "in their pocket"(independent) medical exam

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    hi--add CUNA to the list of insurance companies who $#^& and deserve to be sued! After my trip to their "independent (aka--in their pocket) medical examiner", i received a letter today stating that he feels i can work a sedentary job, so they will no longer pay my MORTGAGE PAYMENTS and so there goes my home--all on the basis of 1 corrupt physician who probably received a bundle of $$$$$ to say whatever they told him to say. Yes, this is the company who charges astronomical fees for credit life and disability when you apply for a loan, but never fear--if you ever lose your inability to work, NO WORRIES!!
    You can see i am incredibly bitter today, as i just got off of the phone, do you guys think i have the right to know how much they paid the good doctor to say what they wanted him to say? (i do!!)
    thanks for listening to me vent--have a great week end. --Laurie
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    so sorry to hear of this. It just seems sometimes when it rains it pours in life. I hope something good happens.
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    You have a legal right to all paperwork that involved you Case.Send them a letter requesting all of it.Mail registered return receipt.
    I got all my paper work from my Ins. Co.Now I have enough paper work to file a civil suit against them. My new lawyer said today we will win the case with all the paper work I haze .I even have copy's of all my phone conversations with them. They kept track of it all.
    I'm so so sorry you need to go through this. Please don't give up. Fight
    Good luck Sue
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    Hi Laurie. I know how you feel. Get yourself a good lawyer. If you live in Ontario near Toronto I can recomend a good one. I fought 2 insurance companys, one was for disability insurance and the other insured the man who hit me in my car accident. I won both and can pay my house off and live out the rest of my life not working. So fight back. IF you have good doctors and a good lawyer you cant lose. I too went to there so called independant doctors who said the same thing about me. Well guess what I fought back and I won not them. So fight , fight , fight.
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    Laurie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. This "insurance system" has happened to so many others as a way to not pay off.

    Read your insurance book over and see if you HAVE to go to one of THEIR doctors. But even if you do have to see THEIR doctor--you are entitled to a second opinion even if you have to pay for it yourself and APPEAL their judgement.

    The diagnosis of a reputable pain specialist seems to carry alot of weight. At least if another doctor/specialist says you can't work or are too disabled--it offers conflicting diagnosis. The "magic" so to speak is to be persistent, persistent, persistent. Don't give up at the first strike especially if it means you're going to lose your home.

    Write letters to everyone--like that place noted in one of the postings. Write the President of that insurance company, write the better business bureau, write your congressman/representative, write a complaint to the doctor's medical board (that really gets a doctor's attention!), but don't be a "Victim"~~be a pro-active advocate for yourself.

    My man bought a used 1995 GMAC Jimmy at a large dealership. On the way home, the hood flew open obstructing his vision, and he could have hit someone or been killed himself. The hood had no bolts to bolt it down. The 4-wheel drive didn't work, the air conditioner didn't work, and he was not told that the vehicle had been in an accident. He tried and tried to get the dealership to at least fix the "safety" features on it as they had sold him and unsafe vehicle. The dealership was arrogant, rude, verbally insulting, refused to fix anything, and told him that he bought the used car "As Is", and that talking to us was a waste of their time. WELL, my mate called everybody connected to dealerships; wrote letters to the better business bureau and other organizations, and even went to the State Capitol. Finally, ONE person representing some some agency called the dealership, and the next thing we knew--the owner of the dealership called us just as sweet as pie and was only too glad to repair whatever was wrong with the Jimmy. My mate was the fly that wouldn't go away no matter how many times the dealership refused.

    So, do whatever it takes for you to get justice. It doesn't matter what they paid him--get a second opinion, do what you have to, BE that fly that won't let a big corporation step on you and get away with dismissing you and God knows how many others. Don't let them take your Home from you. DIG IN girl! Many insurance companies COUNT on the person doing nothing, and that's why they get away with all the crap they do. Don't just fade into the background like they expect you to. Buzz, fly, and BITE back!

    I send you a warm hug and and a Fighting Spirit. Blessings to you, Carol....
  6. obrnlc

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    hi everyone,
    thanks SOOO much for all of your kind words and support, i feel so much better and more hopeful since "talking" to all of you wonderful friends (doggone it --your making me cry!!)
    what a great bunch you all are, and you are all giving me HOPE along with your good advice! hopefully the time will come when we don't have to go through all of this, i would so much rather be working in my job that i LOVED (labor/delivery nurse) than begging petty "breadcrumb scraps" from the lowlife scum that hold our financial futures in their grubby little mitts!
    thanks again and have a great week end--laurie
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    erin brockovich?
    pg&e hoped the same.....wing it and get down the well paid big boys to scare you and it will all go away!

    its a pain in the arse and tahts what they are banking on but do keep fighting!

    this is a pile of crap and its not fair as after all its what you have paid for!

    you vent away!smiffy
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    hi all, just an update so you can all be as shocked and livid as i am--i talked to the ins. co. today, and asked what this doc. received to diagnose me as being able to work 30-40 hrs/wk (after a 10-20 min. visit) and lo and behold the pay off for him was $845!!!!!
    i know that he charges new patients $175 for an initial evaluation, so does this sound like a BRIBE to anyone else, or am i being overly sensitive??? i guess for that kind of money, i would say anything theat they wanted to hear, too, but i am not governed by a code of ethics called the "hippocratical oath!!". any thoughts on this? have a great day--laurie
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    Sounds like this doctor is mostly dependent on making his living from the insurance companies.

    As far as taking any oath, it must have been the oath of hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine a doctor going thru medical school to help people, but see that money is more in important than the health of a person. How can he sleep? I certainly don't want to be in his shoes come judgement day.

    Please don't give up. The more of us that keep on fighting, the more paperwork they have to deal with and they will have to continue to hire slezy doctors. Maybe if there are enough of us that keep fighting, they'll finally figure out it's financially better for them to pay our benefits, then to keep paying the scum doctors.

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    Hi Laurie,

    I am sorry to hear what you have gone through with your insuance co. I myself find that most insurance is just a legal scam. Something ought to be done once and for all. We are forced to carry insur for most things and then we are slapped in the face and laughed at when we try and collect.

    Again I feel for you. Maybe one day the good guys will get there due.

    Take care ,
  11. smiffy79

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    and do it quick,all ins companys tape calls so to get that copy you will need to be quick off the mark.

    geesh,thats a bribe if ever i heard one!nearly a grand,poxy scum