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    I know this post is old but I just needed some feedback on my results. I had an IFA HH 6 test done and it here are the results...

    IGG 1:160 (<1:10)
    IGM <1:20 (<1:20)

    So it looks like my IGG was Positive but my IGM was negative. Does this meeting I have a past infection only or could it be a present one as well as I've heard they are hard to detect? I am currently suffering from Chronic Fatigue and MS.

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    Hi, missmelliss.

    It means that you were infected with HHV 6 in the past, and it is now in your body in latency. HHV 6 has been found to be able to integrate its DNA into human DNA, and this is an issue in transplanting organs. HHV 6 has also been found to be able to integrate its DNA into human gametes, and when this occurs, its DNA will be in every cell of offspring.

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    Does this mean that it can lead to auto-immune illnesses if the body recognizes the HHV-6 DNA in it's own tissues?

    I've long suspected that it is infections which can lead to auto-immunity. Dr. Nicolson told me that mycoplasma infections can cause auto-immunity but by a different mechanism.

    So many of us end up with auto-immune illnesses after years of having CFIDS/ME.

    Thanks again for all your help.
  4. lisadot

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    Hi Miss,
    I am a nurse (currently unemployed), but I can tell you IGG means prior exposure to this particular herpes virus - which it appear you had. IGM shows what the current situation is, which for you appears to me to be negative. This herpes virus most people have been exposed to, and usually when young. If some of these viruses hit at an older age, the illness can be more severe.

    This may be a silly way to remember, but I remember IGG with the G as in Gone (inactive), and the IGM with the M (which is close to N) as in Now.

    Hopes this helps a little bit.

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