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    Lemurs Lose Weight With 'Life-Extending' Supplement Resveratrol
    ScienceDaily (June 22, 2010) — The anti-obesity properties of resveratrol have been demonstrated for the first time in a primate. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Physiology studied the compound, generated naturally by plants to ward off pathogens, which has received much interest as a dietary supplement for its supposed life-extending effects.

    Fabienne Aujard, from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France, worked with a team of researchers to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation with resveratrol on the weight, metabolism and energy intake of six mouse lemurs.

    She said, "The physiological benefits of resveratrol are currently under intensive investigation, with recent work suggesting that it could be a good candidate for the development of obesity therapies. We've found that lemurs eating a diet supplemented with the compound decreased their energy intake by 13% and increased their resting metabolic rate by 29%."

    The researchers demonstrated that a four-week resveratrol supplementation was associated with a decrease in food intake and a reduction in seasonal body-mass gain. The response to resveratrol supplementation also involved significant changes in the animals' body temperatures. According to Dr Aujard, "These results provide novel information on the potential effects of resveratrol on energy metabolism and control of body mass in a primate."

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    1.Alexandre Dal-Pan, Stephane Blanc and Fabienne Aujard. Resveratrol suppresses body mass gain in a seasonal non-human primate model of obesity. BMC Physiology, 2010; (in press) [link]
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    I am having trouble getting to the article. I can get the front page of the daily science but when I do a search on resveratrol, I get nothing.

    I wouldn't rule out that I am making a mistake here. Is anyone else having difficulty getting this?

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    it's Kerry.

    the easiest way to the link might be to just cut and paste the url at the top of the article into a new browser tab/session. It works well.

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