Retaining Fluids

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. ksp56

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    I have retained fluid for years. It seems to have gotten worse over the past year. I drink TONS of water, don't eat salty items, etc. Have any of you noticed this? If so, have you found a way to 'let go' of this problem? GRIN

    My fingers do feel swollen at times, when they are not physically so. But this is fluid build up, because my rings don't fit!

    Interested in knowing if this is a problem for any one else?

    Hugs to all,

  2. Susan07

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    Have you seen a doctor? I'm bumping your message so you might get a more holistic approach if that's what you're looking for.
  3. JaciBart

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    It is a digestive enzyme, you might want to look it up, do a search here, many good reasons to take it.

  4. ksp56

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    Susan and Jaci for reading my response. I'll check in to the bromlain. Is there such a thing as taking too many supplements? I'm the Queen of them! LOL


  5. jan5473

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    I also suffer from the water retention and hand swelling. I have researched the information given on the board here and this is the greatest discovery I have heard of in awhile. It makes perfect sense. I don't know what I would do without this information I have gotten off the board in such a short time. I have gotten so much helpful information from this sight and I am so grateful for all the advice and help I have received. Isn't it amazing how our doctors and pharmacists don't know these things---I am thankful we have each other on this board. Thanks to all for the great advice. Jan
  6. herekitty

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    Whenever I have a fluid retention problem I take cranberry capsules and drink dandelion leaf tea. Works for me!
    Kitty =^..^=
  7. fairydust39

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    Hi Kim,
    I too, retain a lot of water. I take Vitamin B-6 which is a natural diaretic.I take 2 at bedtime and it removes lots of water from my system.I ordered Bromalain but have not recieved it yet. Didn'tknow it would help fluid retention.
    Hugs to all my Fibro Friends
  8. pepper

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    I find that when I stay away from all refined carbs - white sugar, flour, rice and other high glycemic foods like potatoes my swelling goes way down. When I cheat, the first thing I notice is that the swelling comes back.

    My sister has the same problem and says that when she sticks to either Suzanne Somers or Atkins her swelling goes way down.

  9. ksp56

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    I read about dandelion tea today and I'm going to buy some. I already take the cranberry tabs, so I'm hoping this or the vitamin B6 work! I am on the S. Sommers diet, and I do become VERY bloated when I eat the 'bad' carbs! You all gave me wonderful information. Thanks, all of you here are the very best!


  10. DragonBall

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    im allergic to cranberry,but i do take boldo leaf with celery u have to take them before meals,but they dont work as well when im having a flare.i love crisps and dont do diets,ive actually lost weight recently but i dont know why!