Retirement communities and STD's

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, May 22, 2007.

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    I'm not currently working as a nurse, but still receive publications about nursing issues, procedures, disease processes, etc. I just read an article about nursing homes and retirement communities. Apparently there's been a huge increase in STD's among this population. The article states that having a group of individuals with like experiences and other common ground, all in one area, allows for frequently experimentation. (They compared it to college campuses). Apparently on site nurses are having to educate this population on the use of "safer sex" practices.

    Now I'm a real liberal gal, but will whole-heartedly admit that,at first, I was a little weirded-out by this article. After I thought about it, though, I figured I'd at least have something to look forward

    Just thought it was an interesting article.

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    we are mom years ago worked in nursing homes etc...she had some stories to tell...

    and i have read that sex is even better the older you get...

    maybe they should take them on a trip to planned parenthood.

    thank the lord i have none...but i hate to think when i am much older and dating some nice man i get something finally ugh!