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    well, I retired form grooming october 12th... decided to do pet sitting and pet taxi and I also make little doggie sweaters....I am getting some pet sitting jobs here and there and I am making dog sweaters like crazy... anything to make a little extra $$...I am bored, depressed and goin broke... Selling my grooming van and I will be set for awhile with that...I was making good money grooming, but the FM wasn't allowing me to keep a schedule... I am startin to get stressed....anyone wanna buy some dog sweaters????? LOLOL
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    sorry to hear you have to sell everything... I hope it will give you some time to recover... there are some jobs available at home taking customer service type phone calls for legitimate businesses, don't know if that would be possible. I think most only require about 32 wpm typing skills, so maybe wouldn't be too hard on your hands.

    Pet-sitting certainly seems like a good thing, tho, and it seems like you would have the contacts to get it started maybe

    I'm in the south with long haired dogs... so no need for sweaters. I was just looking tho for what would be the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair on tile floors ... and ended up looking at the new roomba robotic series... and saw that someone was making/selling 'covers' that gave the roombas more personality.

    Perhaps that's something you could add, LOL? Would be fun anyway. I guess people are getting attached to them, like pets hehe... I liked the ladybug cover the best.

    all the best,

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    I have long haired dogs too and I ended up getting a animal vacuum cleaner (dyson) then I got laminate floors and I use a swiffer vac BUT I do have a roomba too and a scooba!!! they are the best aren't they????
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    Mikie and others have sung the Roombas praises for quite a while... I saw they had a 'shop vac' and was thinking that would be good, but they have a new series, looks like the 560 might work well...

    but I don't know if the dog hair would get wound around the rollers...

    Currently my husband (who does the vacuuming, but not often enough) insists on a shop vac - so loud, and heavy, I hate it, plus the exhaust throws dust up and shoots what's not vacuumed up already across the room...

    but the one thing the shop vacs have going for them is the extra wide hose and nozzles!

    We'd had a quieter one from Sears, but it broke rather quickly... so DH then just bought the cheapest.

    Within 4 days of vacuuming, we don't have dust bunnies, we have dust mastodons... we don't have any carpeting, all tile floors.

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