Retook my Western Blot others, and . . .

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    My FFC doctor just called me to say that my CD-57 came back at 4, and he says normal is 30 and above.
    I also took the C3A and C4A (I think) and repeated the Western blot with a 30/31 confirmation, but those tests aren't back yet. He said he'll call me when they are. He also said that, because I am his first CD-57 test and he has only used the C3A and C4A a couple of times that I am his guinea pig and he is going to take my results to the conference in Dallas next week to see what the 'big guns' have to say! I am hoping to get this Lyme question settled for once and for all!!!!!!

    Wish me luck!
    Guinea Pig =)
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    I left FFC because they failed to diagnose my lyme. My sister left because they didn't treat hers correctly.

    I know that some FFC drs are better than others. I hope you have a good one.

    My sisters FFC dr also consulted with the big guns.

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    Yes, I will be careful working with them as far as Lyme. I have done enough reading and research on my own that I have at least a general idea of what a typical protocol should look like, so at the least disquieting thought I will head for a LLMD.

    My husband works with a guy who successfully treated chronic Lyme and is now well, so I will see if I can work with his LLMD or at least the local naturopath who worked with his LLMD. He had to go to CA. for his LLMD, and I will have to also as there are none in Oregon. Lots of $$$$$ and time spent if I have to go to CA, so I'm hoping FFC will do well for me.

    Each clinic is very different in their approach depending on the individual doctor I think, even though they are following a general outline according to FFC protocols. I know that the first doctor I saw through FFC and this doctor I am seeing now are very different from one another - not better or worse, just different.

    Thanks for posting your concerns, it's invaluable to hear of other peoples experiences. That's the great thing about this board - we get great info we would never in a million years get from just our doctor! Not to mention the support. :)

  4. foggyfroggy

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    Thanks! Yes, the waiting is hard; it's so weird to be exited about finding out you're sick! I guess I've waited this long, at least some resolution is in sight.

    Take care,
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    Ya know? I just passed the Willamette Valley last week and
    couldn't fine ya anywhere??? Must have crossed that R iver
    at least twice goin' up Hywy 5. Brought a car up to my Daug-
    ter in Portland so She wouldn't have to wait for a bus in the Rain at 9 p.m.! She's very, very pleased.

    I assume the "Western Blot" was done by Igenex Lab in Palo Alto?? Was that Cal Doc you mentioned in Redwood City, SF or Chico? Seems there would be an LLMD somewhere in Oregon?
    Don't think my CNP and her "overseer" Doc are willing to
    accept my positive results from Igenex as being "definitive"!
    SO FRUSTRATING!! Ya know what I'm sayin? I think I'm on my own.

    Do hope you are feeling "well" and that you find a successful resolution to your health issues.


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    Y'know, I waved at I-5 for a week solid hoping you'd see me but no luck I guess! I live about a half hour from Eugene and can see (barely) the freeway from my house so I'm sure if I looked at the right time I could have spotted your handsome mug =) I'm glad you could get a car to your daughter, it makes life so much easier in our motor-based culture!

    Dang, hold on while I go back and see what else I was going to say :-/

    Ah, got it now. I don't actually know which LLMD he went to see; my husband talked to him at length but missed that important detail ;-) I have his email now so I'm going to find out and I'll letcha know.

    Yep, I think you need to get that proverbial 'second opinion'. And yes, it's VERY frustrating to have to go through all this rigamarole just to get someone to listen. Ugh. I'm rooting for ya though!

    Huggles right back,
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    Just curious if any of his patients have had it.
  8. mrdad

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    Yea, we must have just missed one another the other day! I
    think you must live very close to My Former Wife. I guess it
    was "nice" enuff up there for my Son and his step dad to play
    golf one day last week on his visit.

    The highways up there in Oregon are so clean and devoid of
    the litter so prevalent on Cal Roadways. Do wish that
    motorists here would take as much pride in a clean, litter
    free enviroment!

    Since I've returned from Oregon, I've had the strangest
    craving for some "leg-o-lamb". ?? BAAAAAA!!

    Take care,