Return of the Rollercoaster/Miss Emotional

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Mar 11, 2003.

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    No things are not all peachy keen!Thank you all who replied to my post. It is amazing what the insight of others can show one whom is in a bit of a sticky wicket. I realize that I have been ill for some time, had surgeries, but I want to be super woman! I also want the world to be perfect...and so sings Pollyanna. Reality is so hard for me. I am almost sixty, will I ever get it?
    Someone posted that it could be medication, and I believe it was the sinus mendication.
    Someone posted that I hadn't grieved the loss of me, and that is also true.
    It became clear to me as I read your posts, that I can fail, and I can have a bad day, and I can think of me without being a self centered individual. Does one get so wrapped up in the serving of others that we forget that we
    need others also? Yes we can. Do I feel 100% better, not.
    The spoonful of sugar thing is true! The same is true for kindness and caring and I want to thank you all for all of the above......a better 1maqt
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    I did`nt catch your first post but I am assuming emotions have a part in this. I had thought I had a handle on my emotions after loseing two sons. I knew My life had changed. every thing that was ME had changed. I have a hard lump inside me that has been there every since,but as I said I thought I had control of it sickness or not. BUT I lost a very good friend to cancer who had not been sick a day in her life until the last three months she lived.Then a truly good christian lady with a beautiful singing voice is also dying of cancer + it all hit like a ton of bridks! I can`t control my illness,or the loss of the things I used to do and I grieve for my friends + for myself. Don`t know if I am going to get through this with out help, Which I did`nt think I needed before. Maybe this is not the place to write this but I guess it just needed coming out + hope it is understood.