Return to Work Coping Skills?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bpmwriter, Aug 9, 2006.

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    i'm about to reach that pivotal crossroads where the money runs out and ssdi is increasingly out of reach, so i'm weighing my options for a return to the workforce. i have cfs and fibro. i feel like i've isolated myself too much already to consider work from home opportunities so this would most likely be full or part time, working with others. hoping to hear some positive stories from those who've returned to work and thrived in spite of their limitations. also, advice on approaching interviews (ie. what to say and what not to say), special accomodations to request, etc.

    thanks for any advice!
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    I'll bump this up for you.

    I'm not working right now either.

    God Bless.
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    I am in the same position as you. Since my onset of Fibromyalgia in 2002, I have also been diagnosed with Arthritis, Diastolic Dysfunction (which resulted in Acute Heart Failure in 2004), Sleep Apnea, and just within the last 3 weeks been diagnosed with Generalized Epileptic Seizures. I am needing to work fulltime but am not sure how that will be. It seems like the smallest task that I do creates severe flareups and sets me back several days. I will also be at the mercy of my family to transport me back and forth to work as well as doctor's appts because I can no longer drive(that has been the hardest to deal with). I will also need to find something flexible so that I am able to get to various doctor's appt. Any suggestions?
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    Now, I want to say that I did not have both a CFS AND an FM diagnosis, just FM. But returning to work was the beginning of my major improvement in FM symptoms, not a downhill slide.

    For me, I honestly believe I was in a bit of a vague depression because I wasn't working---not a major clinical depression, but just a vague sense that I was unhappy with my life, and that all I had to focus on were my FM symptoms. When I got my job, what happened was that as my mental outlook began to improve (I felt useful, needed, that I was good at something again, that I co-worker interaction) gradually, so did my physical symptoms improve.

    Things that helped: my job was 30 hours a week, a good compromise between part and full time. It DID give me health benefits---and that's always an incentive to make any job attractive, in my book. I did plan on feeling overwhelmed and tired at first, and made sure I devoted every day after work to just taking care of me for the first couple of weeks---NOT cooking, doing laundry, etc. Saved any of that for weekends, or just let stuff go. But I really only felt really tired the first couple of weeks. After that, I felt so mentally great it kind of helped everything else.

    In my opinion, I'd NEVER tell a soul at the job about CFS/FM, but I also realize, everyone is at a different degree of disability here, and you have to do what's right for you on that issue. I was nervous at my first interview, as I hadn't interviewed in years (!) but it must've gone OK, that's the job I ended up getting.

    I'm on a medical leave right now for leukemia treatment, and I miss my job so much. I'm happy to say that I'm finishing my last chemo round and will be able to return, barring complications, after Labor Day.

    Good luck, Eddie---I wish you all the best, and approach it positively!!

  5. pam_d

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    For Eddie

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