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    Hi All!
    I accidentally posted this in the chit-chat section, so appologies for the duplicate post...

    I haven't been here in years, so I'll re-introduce myself.

    I started with fm about 10 years ago. Went through the typical routine for my dx. About 5 years ago I found an individual who had (through eating mostly raw foods and an alkaline diet, and some natural supplements) gone into remission. I did that for a while and was able to improve my symptoms significantly. Laughing at myself here...I guess what I need to do it get back at that regimen.

    Anyway, I am here to ask if any of you have had improvement with your symptoms by swimming daily in the ocean (not a pool, but specifically the ocean).

    I was searching around yesterday for new information and ran into a video by Dr. John Gray (the "Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus author)...apparently his site contains a lot of information on many different illnesses. I watched his video about Fibromyalgia - he went into a lengthy discussion about positive and negative ions....Now normally I wouldn't have given his video the time of day because part of his thinking (imho) is flawed, but I have just returned from a trip to Aruba where I spent A LOT of time in the ocean and I felt GREAT until I returned home (where I got slammed HARD).

    In his video, he claims that if you spend 40 minutes a day in the ocean it will get these ions back into balance. He also claims you can get this same benefit from an epsom salt bath. Now years ago I did try the epsom salt baths (not sure if I stayed in for 40 minutes though), and I don't recall feeling better (at least not significantly). BUT, as I said, I did feel great in Aruba.

    I skimmed through the board rules, I didn't see anything about not posting links, but I didn't want to risk it. IF it's ok, and anybody is interested, I can post a link to the video. It's about 10 minutes long.


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    Funny enough ive been talking to Mikie on the chat board about epsom salts. She mentioned she used them and id forgot all about them but iuse to put them in the bath myself. im not opposed to watching a post if youve read the rules and it dont oppose it. Yeah so ive been looking up epsom salts theres never been any reseach carried out but i remember my gran uses them when i was a kid and putting them in our bath when we got home from the stables. I mean it says they contain magnesium sulphate which is meant to be good for relaxing muscles and nerve pain. I suppose in the sea youve also got seaweed and algae which is also used in alternative medicine.

    Id loved to go swimming in the sea but i live in england and alot of the sewage outlets are there, i dont think i have to describe what you can swim into, although we do have some nice beaches there a fair old distance from me.

    Another thing is my blood test results often come up with low sodium and muscle pain is a symptom although i do think its probably a symptom and not a cause although im no dr so i could be wrong i cant see treating symptoms and improving them as anything but beneficial. I do often crave salt, often licking it off crisps lol yep im no its gross.

    Yeah thanks for your post if you go back in chat we have been talking about it.

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    I always feel better after swimming- it's wonderful to be weightless and held by water, salt or fresh, rather than your own muscles!
    If only the ocean were hot! (Not here in NY)
    So I take epsom salt baths instead- it's cheap, easy, relaxing and and effective.
    You can make your own scented salts- just add a drop of cologne to the bag and shake.
    Also: I spent several days at the Dead Sea in Israel that were amazingly pain-free. The Dead Sea is high in many salts including bromides. It actually made me feel giddy! [This Message was Edited on 02/27/2013]