Returning To Work / Co Worker Harassment

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    Returning To Work / Co Worker Harassment

    Lethal Bullying


    I was wondering if anyone knows anybody who had to take time off of work for "stress related problems" and have had problems "returning to work".

    Personal injury, disease, nervous breakdown, loss in the family, addiction problems, etc.

    In my case things started out when I was poisoned by a co worker when I was employed at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto in 1997.

    Since then I have been poisoned or drugged and people have tried to expose me to toxic environments in my workplace, without proper personal protective equipment, numerous times in the last 10 years.

    I am interested to see if they have run into the same types of harassment problems as me when they "return to work".

    I have been working thru some electrical contractors and thru some temporary agencies as an electrician.

    A lot of the projects are short term, a few weeks or a few months.

    When I start an assignment people understand that you are on light duty or are on a retraining program.

    Before long the harassment starts in my workplaces.

    Employers try to get you to work longer hours, 10 12 or 14 hour shifts or afternoon or midnight shifts.

    Employers try to get you to work 6 or 7 day weeks, for extended periods.

    Employers try to get you to work thru lunch or miss breaks.

    Employees begin a program of harassment which includes really off coloured comments about mental health, sexuality and a variety of other topics, verbal threats or accusation of theft or damage to projects.

    Its like........ "lets go bug the guy with the mental health problems".

    There are usually never any witnesses to any of these incidences.

    I shake my head and ignore these people.

    Fortunately most of the projects I work on are short term and you do not have to spend a long or great deal of time with these ignorant people.

    I have never met so many trashy people as I have in the last few years, absolutely bizzare.

    I have spoken with some healthcare workers and some have indicated they hear that complaint "all the time", from people who have been thru a traumatic time in life, and they are trying to "return to work"

    After a short time management and the employees begin to pick at the person who is trying to "return to work".

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    Your post is very vague to me, especially the poisoning.

    I am the Safety/Environmental director for a company and have been for a total of 8 years.

    If you think labor laws are being broken, there is an osha violation or EPA hazard you can report it. The telephone number(s) should be posted in your place of employment. Thats the law.

    If you make a complaint, investigation will be ensued by the proper officials. It could be just a letter, or it could be a formal investigation. Depending on your complaint and how serious it is.

    Either way, they will follow up to make sure the employer is not doing anything illegally!

    If you have been poisoned-is there proof? Blood tests? Documented sickness? What were you poisoned by?

    If you need the number(s) to make a complaint and they arent posted in your workplace I am sure you can find them on the internet.

    If you dont allow them to get away with things such as this, they wont get away with it.. with you or anyone else.

    Know your rights.

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