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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by krishna3, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. krishna3

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    the vibe machine is increasing my energy a small amount, ive got a long way to go........

    yet after only 9 3 min sessions, a pea like tumor ive had for 2yrs is now completely gone!

    i had my bloodwork taken last week and will have it done again in 60 days to see how an dif it changes

    i pray it can do something about these darn hard to get rid of mycoplasmas, as they do seem to underly so many cfs anf other complaints

  2. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    Please keep us updated on your progress and how often you increase your time and frequency of use. Do you feel anything while using the machine itself?

    I wonder how it would work on my fibroid tumors? Thank you for posting the will be interesting to see your progress! Daneen
  3. krishna3

    krishna3 New Member

    most people increase their usage by a min a day...until one gets to 10 min a day and then you can use the gold plated coils to increase energy circulation........

    .i have felt zingy/ungrounded/tired if i increase it more than 3-4 minutes

    the machine has an affinity for pain reduction and cancer clearing, it seems to rebalance ones sysyem how ever it supposed to regenerate healthy cell growth..........

    from what i know of fibroids it is an excess estrogen and or unbalanced estrogen to progesterone ratio...............try natural progesterone cream,

    fibroids have also been known to be an the bodies attempt to create another liver...liver cleanse /healthy diet/whole foods etc..........sorry if you already know about this stuff.......i know you did not ask for any advice....

    i would say to jump at the chance if you have the opportunity to do so and vibe for 1-2 month and see what happens

  4. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    I would love to feel zingy and ungrounded for once! Thanks for the fibroid advice also. Yes,my progesterone is nonexistant and the estrogen is also low too......also want to be sure I am not converting estrogen to bad estrogen....never have heard of the part about creating a new liver, " INTERESTING!"

    I also have an oblong cyst on an ovary. Need to find a knowledgable person who will work with me on hormones,but also accept the diagnosis of lyme....hard to do out here in the "boonies"...Thanks for your reply! Daneen
  5. krishna3

    krishna3 New Member

    please have a full and comprehensive hormone bloodwork done.......check dhea, pregnelone, thyroid......have them test for reverse t-3,adrenal...check cortisol..........and youve had the pro and est done.....

    man when i started thyroid and dhea i finally began to have energy and sleep liek a baby.......

    i cant help not giving unsolicited advice...........also check for epstein barr virus, hhv6 and mycoplasma......

    wonder how you might have all these problems?..........go to educate_yourself and look under chemtrails to the part where theyve analyzed the sprayings!

    also, im taking the naturally hormones from a compounding pharmacy.....find a doc/nurse to prescribe these for you and tell them what YOU WANT AND NEED from youre paying them........

    ive lived in the boonies and making a day or 2 day trip of it is sooo worth it

    to your health! blessings m