Reuter's story on Crohn's and IBS caused by milk bug

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    I just read a Reuter's story on Yahoo health, from Aug.6-2003, that they have found a "milk bug" called MAP..Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis that is the probable cause of Crohn's disease and IBS. It was a British study showing that this mycobacterium is found in 92% of patients with Crohn's and that the MAP bacterium is found in 2% of retail pasteurized milk cartons. An unexpected finding of the study showed that patients suffering from IBS may also be infected with MAP! The worst part of the whole thing is that I checked out the FDA site for more news about this and the FDA site led me to the PARA website, which tells about the fact that our U.S. government knows about MAP in the dairy industry and is not taking any steps to deal with it, while governments in Australia, Netherlands, U.K. etc., have done so in just the last few years! Being fairly new here, I don't know if this has been a subject before now, if so, sorry about that. I just felt I had to mention this. There was mention of possible treatment for both IBS and Crohn's with antibacterials, the same as they do for ulcers.
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    that this article might help, because I have seen quite a few on this board that mention having IBS and crohn's. I looked at Dr. Mercolas site, and one of his articles mentions that "Ulcer therapy may also treat Crohn's disease"
    and that some people treated with antibacterial drug therapy for the ulcer causing Helicobactor Pylori bacterium had seen improvement in their Crohn's. If IBS and Crohn's might be caused by another bacterium that can be found in milk and cheese products, it stands to reason that antibacterial treatment could help IBS and Crohn's. You could check one of the sites I looked at, crohns with the non-profit suffix, I will put the address in my bio.
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    I will let my uncle know about this. His girlfriend has such bad Crohn's that they can't travel anymore, and he loves to travel.