Revella ,Sare and all....

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by queenbee69, Feb 7, 2003.

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    who have so kndly responded to my post. I haven't been here in a few days due to and awful cold. Kari is doing as awell as to be expected. She goes to the cemetary everyday and is looking forward to the snow to be gone so she can plant some flowers. Time will heel all I guess. I'm sorry to hear of your loss Sare...these things really do suck when they happen. I wish for strength for you and your family....queenbee
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    For your very kind words.Lots of love and prayers still to Kari,yourself and ur family.I know it must be still incredibly difficult for you all,but I pray God will bless ayou ll,keep you and sustain you for your every need.
    Much love in Jesus name,Amen
    Love Sare xxxx
    Hugs too!
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    for? Even if we haven't met I feel a common bond with you and others on these boards. I am glad that you and Kari are better, but I will continue to pray for both of you because it seems that even as you adjust and weeks and years later certain things bring it all back afresh. God can help through this, I know from experience that if we let Him, the pain can be eased.
    Hugs and prayers,