Revella's daughter here with an update (LONG)

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    My name is Lara, I'm the one you prayed for when I was pregnant with my son! Thank you so much for those prayers. I am happy to report that Brandon is a very healthy and happy almost 15 week old!

    Daddy just got back from Mayo again. And, alas, the news was not what we wanted to hear. During a routine ultrasound on his liver, they found a "lump". It turned out to be a malignant tumor. Of course, when they said "cancer" we all panicked! They went in and injected the tumor with localized chemo drugs. This stops the blood flow to it so that it will quit growing. Apparently this is very common in liver patients. And Mayo has a 99% success rate in treating this. The good news is that this ups his score to a 24 or so meaning that his transplant should be imminent. It was also discovered while they were there that Daddy has developed diabetes and is now on a strict diet! Please, please pray that he sticks to it as it is imperative that he lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. They go back at the end of October/first of November for Daddy to have the treatment again. At that time, we should find out a little more about when they'll have to move to Minnesota to wait. That part will be hard on us all as we are used to seeing each other at least once a week! But, praise God, we're closer to seeing Daddy more healthy again!

    As you can imagine, this is very hard on Momma. Her fibro is really flaring up on her. She is going to the chiropractor she had mentioned before and it seems to be helping a bit. Of course, the stress of them finding Daddy's cancer and being there alone when they did has really gotten to her! Plus, she is having some trouble with my grandparents. They kicked my brother out of his house b/c he got behind on his rent. If you recall, he's the one that just went through a divorce and is working as a bouncer. It's been kind of a kick him while he's down situation. So, Momma is really stressing over all that. Please pray for her! She needs peace and comfort during this time. And we know that those both come from our loving Father!

    A praise to share with you too though! Big Matt, my brother, just got a job working at the same Wal-Mart that Mom works for! So, hooray, he'll be out of that nightclub! He has moved back in with my parents. And that is a huge help for all of us. It really takes a load off of my mind b/c it is hard for me to be there when they need me sometimes with the kids and all. Plus we only have one vehicle. So, anyway, Big Matt being there will be a real blessing! I want you to know that your prayers are working! My brother is realizing that he needs God in his life again! I knew it would happen as he belongs to God! I have reminded Mom and Dad time and again about what the Bible says "Raise them up in the way they should go and when they are old, they won't depart from it"!

    Please, remember my family in your prayers. We are still going through some tough times and probably face many more before it is all said and done! But, with God's love and grace, we will overcome! He has blessed this family with a love and closeness that not many share! He will bring us through, holding us close in his loving arms!

    Sorry this is so long. Momma just wanted me to update you all. She said to let you know that even while her computer is down and she can't be here often, she thinks of each of you and remembers you in her prayers! Thank you for being friends to her. She doesn't have many and needs all the Christian fellowship she can get!

    With much respect and love in Christ,

    Claiming Romans 8:28 daily!
    "And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose"
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    We appreciate all the prayers we can get! I'll let Mom know that you are thinking about her! She surely enjoys the fellowship she gets on here!

    In Him,

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