Reverse/Mickle Therapy or Lightening Process: any one helped?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by leobear, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. leobear

    leobear New Member

    Has anyone had Reverse or Mickle Therapy or The Lightening Process and been helped or CURED???
  2. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hi again! just answered your nz post.!

    I havn't done mickle therapy myself. But a friend i write to in christchurch has just finished mickel therapy. She has been sick for over 20 yrs. Since doing the therapy she is now 80% well.????????? It has given her her life back.. the things she is doing now, dance classes, riding horses, is back driving... things she could never do before.

    There is a mickel therapist in nelson and christchurch.
    I am so happy for her and i hope she gets through to the 100% well which is what she is now gunning for.

    I havn't had any one else i know try it although i have read a few blogs online of people in england who didn't get well. In fact one got worse. So I guess it is like everything, something helps one person and not another.

    Don't think i have heard of the lightning process, what is that? Do we have that in New Zealand too? Sounds interesting. Let me know.

    cheers maedaze :eek:)
  3. leobear

    leobear New Member

    Great to hear from you again!!! Seems we have quite alot in common!
    Ive only been reading about these treatments, and they seem to make sense....especially about the hypothalamus being damaged or overloaded.
    A friend of mine has a friend in UK who was very sick and is SO much better after doing the Lightening Process course. Im not too sure exactly what that is, but some say it is similar to RT and MT.
  4. leobear

    leobear New Member

    Wonder if we have any of these therapists up here North Is?
    Yes its always that some are helped and not others.

    I have tried SO many things. Have improved the last year (started to before my husband died) Some of that improvement is from Colour therapy (something I had never thought about before!!!) It is so gentle too, and I can do it from home.

    take care
  5. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi! I did 8 sessions of Eaton Reverse Therapy at $150 per session and it was a complete waste of my money. I felt much worse after the Eaton Reverse Therapy treatments and had to finally stop. I went into relapse twice during the treatment. Some people do get worse from reverse therapy according to my reverse therapist in the U.S.

    Love, Jasmine
  6. leobear

    leobear New Member

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  7. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hi there, yes there is still a therapist advertising in auckland, cant say too much except i have been told Do not go to her. Not sure of the details and if she is still a practitioner in a few months then she might be worth a phone call,

    I know the guy in christchurch charges $80.00 a session and you go every 2 weeks 5 to 8 times.

    Yes i think the hypothalomus not working properly has a large role to play, but i am still not sure about the therapy and if it would be right for me..

    But i am sure we will get more therapists in New Zealand in the near future, plus there will be more stories, to hear too, good and bad.
  8. lfrost

    lfrost New Member

    As many of you will know, I had LP back in July and I would say I am still feeling a lot better, not quite 100% but hugely better after having had ME for 20 years and I am now looking for part-time work.

    I had a huge amount of abuse on this site when I tried to tell everyone about it in the past so I am keeping a low profile-you can always check out the threads if you are interested. The low profile is only for the above reason, not because LP did not work, or I have relapsed. I have not. I would recommend LP (not reverse or Mickel) to anyone in the UK (or abroad if they can afford to travel). I do not know anyone who has not been helped (almost completely in every case I know) by LP as long as they work hard at it. It is hard but worth it. I feel great now. Good luck to all those interested and get in touch (for details, (NOT ABUSE PLEASE).

    Please take care to you all. Lucy

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