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  1. mars_xmu

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    I was searching on amazon and came across two books one was by John Eaton the other one was by David Mickel:they both practice a different form of RT. The revues seem to be very postive, but do not mention the high cost and lack of any scientific evidence to back up the claims made. If your into RT these books are a must. For more info go to reverse therapy
  2. AFair

    AFair New Member

    OK i do hope I am not tempting fate here but my boyfriend is now back to full health after undergoing 8 sessions of reverse therapy with Dr Mickel. I bought him the book and it is really very helpful.

    He is working full time back going to the gym and going out most nights with friends, life is great!!! Mickel Reverse Therapy is def worth a shot xxxxxxxxxx

    Take care all

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