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    Hello everyone I am so excited to be here and pass the word along about an amazing new weight loss program called Mind Over Metabolism. The methods incorporated in this program have NEVER DONE BEFORE!.The program is based on getting your mind right and actually shows you how to fix your mind and thereby guarantee your success. It exposes the cause of our repeated weight loss failures and actually treats the causes. Every other diet program in existence treats the symptoms of our weight problems, that is why more than 92% of all people who lose weight gain it back plus more in a very short time! Even folks that have life threatening stomach stapling surgery regain the lost weight the majority of the time!

    It is written by a good friend of mine Richard Mattie and based on his life's experiences of fighting the weight battle and how he finally won the war after 35 years of trying.The program shows you how your subconscious mind has sabotaged your success over the years, and how to actually fix your mind so you can deal with weight loss issues and any other issues that you may have in your life. I know how successful this program is because Richard himself has lost 100 pounds on it and still counting!! Another woman has lost 10 pounds already and just started the program a 2 weeks ago.

    While I have no doubt that this program will be very successful I am trying to spread the word to the people that really want and need to change their lifestyle. Several major television shows are currently reviewing the program and the initial response has been amazing. We want to reach the "people" most importantly as this program deals with issues that each of us face every day, that is why I feel compelled to come to this weight loss chat room and let you know about it first!

    To find out more about this amazing new program please click on or contact Richard directly at

    We look forward to speaking to you and answering any questions you may have. Thank you very much!!
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    We do have a weight loss message board and you might consider putting it there too.