RH vs FM...Interesting info - thanks!

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    Thanks for the info...I go for a blood test tomorrow, I was supposed to have it Friday, but after waiting an hour in the lab, and all the people behind the desk were just laughing and carrying on, I couldn't sit any longer...I had already been to see my Doc, and had spent almost 3 hours there...I just didn't have it in me to sit, and the way the people carried on like none of us was there was just too much for me to take...I'm trying to stagger what I do, and I have to be at an event at 10:00 for a short bit, then will go to the lab...so RA actually will show up in the blood? I didn't know that - too bad FM doesn't have such a simple test, eh??? I guess my frustration is that the doc said I had FM like symptoms, but couldn't really call me a true FM patient...even though I took paper work that showed what I found, etc...he said he didn't feel that I exhibited enough "tenderness" at the tender spots - I told him I had taken Percoset about an hour before...tried to explain how my life has changed, etc...he just didn't want to hear it...grrrr...
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    Hi Denise~~This is just a thought of mine that I've learned along the way that I thought I would share.

    Unless the medication you take is vital to your life--as in high blood pressure, diabetes, and medical problems that absolutely require your medications---you might consider slacking off of them before you have an exam, MRI, or X-ray.

    For example, my bestfriend and I both have advanced degenerative disc disease, arthritis(s) and FM/CFS. All of her ailments are worse than mine because she is 10 years older than me and, thus, has had these illnesses longer, and they have progressed more with her.

    However, she was scheduled for an FM exam, MRI on her back, and X-rays on the same day as I was.

    Since I really wanted to show the true condition of my body and how I feel with these illnesses, I did not take my back meds, arthritis meds, sleep meds, or FM/CFS meds for the whole week leading up to my exams. Now, I confess it was a horrid week for me, and I don't ever want to be that miserable again. I was in such bad shape that I was bedridden and took a week's leave from work.

    My girlfriend on the other hand said "No Way" was she going to suffer for a week prior to her exams. So, right up to the time we went for our appointments, she took her pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxers, sleep meds, and the rest of her medications. She looked great.

    Meanwhile, I looked like Hell which is exactly how I feel without all those medications in me. I was suffering terribly, had muscle spasms swirling all over my back, everything was inflammed, in flare, and I can't describe how horribly bad I felt and looked.

    When they examined my girlfriend--they said her FM/CFS must have gone away, and when they examined her back she had no inflammation, no muscle spasms, no knots. The MRI and X-rays showed her degenerative disc disease, but it "appeared" in remission as there was no swelling, etc. Since it appeared she was doing so fine--they cut her meds in half and sent her home with a follow-up appt in 6 months.

    Meanwhile, without the use of my meds for a week, everything showed up on my exams not to mention that I hadn't slept well for a week, was in terrible pain, everything was swelled up, in flare, and showed exactly the true condition my body was in without being masked by drugs.

    My girlfriend, who was truly worse off than me, ended up not being taken seriously, getting her meds cut, and not getting the medical care she actually should have gotten.

    My condition really got my physician's attention; he re-evaluated and increased my meds which had needed to be done for a long time; started making the referrals I had asked & asked him to, and basically got on the ball.

    Now, I am not encouraging anybody to do what I did. But, I really wanted the exams to show the true condition I was in without my symptoms being masked by drugs. And, I knew it would take a week for most of the drugs to get out of my system, and my body to go into its natural state without them. And, I was absolutely miserable and out of my head with pain and sleep deprivation.

    But one of the mistakes people make when they want a re-evaluation or for the physician/specialist to REALLY SEE what is wrong with them--is they medicate right to the hour before they see their providers. And then everything looks okay and under control....or non-existent.

    Again, I definitely am not saying do what I did--it was pure hell, but the medications help & mask so many of our symptoms--how is a physician to know how we really feel without them?

    I know this is why some physicians--especially if you go to a new one--wants to take you off all your present medications. He wants to see/exam/x-ray/ect. what is truly wrong with you, your natural condition without medications, and the intensity of it before he starts treating you. He wants to see what your condition is without any medications masking the symptoms.

    Anyway, it's something to think about when you go for exams or to be re-evaluated. Just sharing, Carol....