Rheaumatologist in South Carolina????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betsy2, Dec 16, 2002.

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    Does anyone know of a good rheaumy in the Florence, South Carolina area? I have recently moved to the area and am looking for one who I know others with Fibro have used and who understands this DD. The one I had in Michigan was an angel. If anyone live in Michigan and needs a wonderful rheaumatologist, check and see if Carol Beals, MD is taking new patients. She is located in Lansing and is the best physician I have ever known.
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    I'm in Columbia.... there are NO GOOD rheumie's here in columbia... just know that. I'm currently looking for one in our area as well... there is one posted on the good doctor list in myrtle beach... she works by referrals only.. I've also had several freinds tell me about a DR Harper in Charelston who is very good but DOES NOT take out of town patients,,,, you are limited with good services here honey. I hate to say it but I've been trying to deal with this DD for 40+ yrs and haven't hit a good doc yet...I also hear there is a long haired barefoot rheumie in orangeburg.. I'll try to get his name today for you but you'll be traveling I'm afraid LOL>>>>> the myrtle beach thing sounds like an option for you though.... I'm trying to find someone to get me in there.... I've lost all my medical support.... it was very limited anyway,.. I thank God I'm a nurse and have a clue.... Good luck.. I'll keep you posted on my* search.... and I'd appreciate the same with yours!!!!!! like I said, welcome to SC!
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    That is so scary to hear that you are a nurse and have not found a good rheaumy here in SC. A friend told me to go to an allergist that her mother-in-law uses. I guess she uses this guy because of her chemical sensitivities due to the Fibro. It sounds a bit odd to me that an allergist would treat Fibro but I will keep my options open. I have a few names and will look them up for you today. They are both in Florence and my rheaumy found them in her physician directory. They practice at McCleod's Medical Center. I will keep in touch and thanks for the warm welcome
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    The names I was given by my rheaumy in Michigan for SC were:

    Robert E. Turner III , MD
    1594 Fr'dom Blvd
    #102, Box 1905
    Florence, SC 29505

    Phone: 843-667-0816
    Fax 843-679-5069

    Supen R. Patel, MD
    506 E Cheves
    Florence, SC 29503

    Fax: 543-667-9814

    I do not think she knew them though. She just looked them up in a physician directory for me so that may tell you something. My friend's daughter who is a microbiologist in Bennetsville said that Dr. Turner might be okay to use.

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    there is fellow in orangeburg a freind is having great luck with..... a dr fineman.... long haired and barefoot... very laid back and NICE! might wanna try to see if this one works.... I'll keep you posted.. merry christmas