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    I have to have a new dr since rhemetologist dismissed me.She said that she would be glad to set me up with a pain managment clinic I told her to yes refere me .I take 40mg twice a 5mg percocet for breakthru pain.Im wondering if I should go to a pain managment dr or see if my family dr will perscibe these meds or should I go try and find another rhematoligist.Iv had this stuff for 10 years now And these medicines are the only thing that alow me a some what normal life.Years ago I even contenplated suiside I no how bad this pain can get.please Im asking many of you to write me back and tell me what they would do I need as many replies
    from you that I can get.
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    would be the best in this situation. Some states are asking family docs to opt out of prescribing
    medications such as vicoden , oxyc and such. Some family docs are asking patients to sign a form at the docs office so the patient is aware their doc is no longer prescribing such meds.
    At this point the family doc is referring patient to Pain Management.

    Since your rheumatologist is dismissing you, pain management would be more understanding for prescribing meds that work best for you.

    Having Fibro you also may need to look for a new rheumatologist, not always easy to do but maybe your family doc would recommend a rheumy for you.

    Wish you Well
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    It really all depends on your family Dr. Why were you dismissed from your rheumatologist?

    Many rheumatologists don't prescribe pain meds either. My regular Dr. prescribes for me. She has no problem whatsoever, but it depends on your Dr.

    Really you need to talk to him/her- have a very frank conversation. If your Dr. won't help, then yes go see a pain mgmt Dr. You don't have to stay anywhere. If that doesn't work, you can seek a new rheumatologist. You have a right to seek adequate care.