Rhemuies say sleep is issue, why not suggest sleep study

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    Hey all - I am grasping at straws here - but am about at the place in 2001 that landed me in the psychiatric center for 2 wks - my sleep is horrendous - have been on every med you can name (I think) ambien, lunesta did the best, but the dreams and other side effects horrible - I toss, turn, ache, wake from 3 to 6 times a night and then am totally exhausted in morning - would a sleep study help? - has anyone had one - PLEASE what do you do for sleep
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    whenever someone suggests a sleep study, my question is why bother. I already know that I am not sleeping. I am pretty sure I don't have apnea, because my dh also has trouble sleeping and we listen to each other. It's all part of the disease.

    I also have tried many of the meds; currently on Librium, not something usually prescribed for sleep - the doc must think I'm physcho! Ambien, Trazadone, Zoloft...all made me jittery. Elavil worked for a while but was interfering with other meds that I take for Lyme.
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    I had a sleep study several years ago because my doc was checking for sleep apnea, although I didn't think that it was a problem.

    I have hypopnea which is a 30-80% < in air volume which is associated with an arousal (not awakening but knocks you out of deep sleep). I also have abnormal sleep architecture, meaning that the percentage of each stage of sleep was not what it was suppose to be. 210 arousals and 17 awakenings. No wonder I'm so tired!

    Although having the study done gave me information it didn't give me anything that the doctors were able to treat. Sleep meds may knock me out but it isnt going to stop me from being aroused out of deep sleep.

    As far as having one done. Thats personal; it may show something that can be treated and then again it might not. You will never know unless you have it done.

    By the way if you are worried about having it done, don't. Sleep centers make things very easy. All the wires are kind of combersome but nothing is painful.

    Trazadone works for me(knocks me out anyway).

    Is your pain really bad? Some people take a sleep med, pain med, and muscle relaxer(I don't need all of that).

    Please get yourself to a psychiatrist! Don't let yourself get to the point of ending up in the hospital again. I've been there. But if you are in despirate need, please go to the hospital and don't try anything that you and your family will regret.

    Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and vent if you need too. Just know that there are people here for you and your not alone!

    Hang in there,


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    I am not suicidal - just so darn tired - I wrote the question early this morning when I am kinda always grasping for some kind of an answer to the questions that we all know have no definite answers - glad you mentioned trazadone - I took it for years, then tried other things and it kinda got pushed to the side - it did help with sleep and my dr would be more than glad to prescribe again - he lets me have lots of say in my treatment options - I see him next week and trazadone will be high on my list of options - yep, pain is bad - I have kinda gotten to the place that I don't know if I am a 3 or a 6 on the scale, cause I am not sure I remember pain free and it has been with me so long that I just seem to know when I get to 8 and want to KICK THE CAT and anything else in my way - thanks for the concern - I don't post often, but read just about all the posts - I forget a lot of what I read from the fog, but this group is a GREAT comfort - we are not alone and that is what I think keeps me sane and going on waiting for a real breakthrough
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    If nothing else, the sleep study can document that you do have a physiological disorder!

    I never had an official "sleep study" since my doctors already knew what was happening from my description, but if you aren't sure what's going on, it can't hurt.

    Good luck,

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