Rheumatoid Arthritis and Parasite

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    I was diagnosed with RA a few months ago. Symptoms came on quickly and painfully. I did some research and came across Dr. Hulda Clark M.D. and was immediately interested in her findings. She believed that RA is from a parasite; specifically the ROUNDWORM. This resonated with me because I have worked with animal rescue efforts and have seen what parasites can do in dogs and cats. I purchased a parasite cleanse from my local healthfood store and this morning after completing the fifteen day cleanse; I passed several roundworms. I know this sounds gross but I was so happy because I knew there was hope and maybe I don't have to suffer with this horrible disease. Prior to the 1930s parents used to deworm their children. We deworm our pets and livestock but we don't deworm ourselves anymore. If this sounds outrageous, it shouldn't. We can get parasites from food, water, the dirt (gardening, walking barefoot) and of course our pets. My symptoms are still not completely gone and I do phase II of the cleanse in a few days which totals a 30 day cleanse. My symptoms are much better though and my knees are much better. My hands are still tingly and numb. Some of this could be the "die off" which is the toxicity from the parasites dying. Please do not discount this and research it for yourself. Search "RA and parasites" and do your own homework. The cleanse I chose is PARAGONE by Renew Life and it cost me $35 at my local health food store. There are several out there to choose from. Dr. Clarks site has one for $16.77. I hope this helps others too. I couldn't be happier right now knowing that I may not be faced with this horrible disease for the rest of my life. Be well!!
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    My daughter who has just been diagnosed with autoimmune disorder and pre-hyperthyroidism decided to try the parasite cleanse and also found a roundworm. I am going to try this myself as have the Fibromyalgia. I figure it can't hurt and could really be a start for full healing. I hope others will consider this.
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    As I said on another post, frequency's are the wave of the future. Search for Rife or Clark frequency lists, there are over 3,000 diseases they are associated with. Kills parasites, stimulates nerve cells, and detoxes the body.
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    Hi beasley3. I've appreciated Hulda Clark since first reading The Cure for All Diseases in 1999. In fact, I went back and gave a $10 tip to the young clerk who had listened to my symptoms (whatever I had at the time) and steered me to her book. I'd been a bit irritable with him when he first showed it to me. But I bought it and read it, and it has been saving my life, over and over, ever since. I just need to mention though, Hulda Clark had a PhD in laboratory research. She was not an MD and never claimed to be. She was a brilliant and generous woman, and we all continue to miss her.