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    I'm new to this message board and to the internet. (Yes, I've FINALLY left the Dark Ages!) I'm still trying to find my way around! :)
    The first thing I wanted to do was to thank you all for the great information you provide. Now I don't feel like I'm the only one with weird CFS symptoms!
    I hope someone can help me with my current dilemma. I've had CFS for more than 2 1/2 years. Although I'm in pain all the time, it's been bearable for the past 1 1/2 years. This past month, though, has been rough. My doctor's nurse practitioner wants me to see a rheumatologist again. I saw one about 2 years ago when I was at my worst and she didn't help.(All the tests for arthritis, Lyme, etc. came back negative.) I don't know if a new one can do any better. I know some of you see rheumatologists. What do you think? Aside from pain medication, how else have they helped?
    Thanks for your input!

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    At least he believes me since he is the one who finally diagnosed me. It's hard to find someone who specializes in FM.
    And it all depends on the doctor. I have heard horror stories about rheumies and then I have heard some people who have had really good luck.
    Where do you live?
    Call your local hospital and ask if there is a fibro/cfs support group, if there is they probably will have the phone number to call.
    I think talking with those in the same boat is probably the best way to find a doctor who will treat you right.
    I have also heard some rheumies will not prescribe strong pain meds, because they deal mostly with arthritis, and mine at first made me try all the anti inflammatories thinking I may have arthritis, but he now prescribes me Lortabs, not alot but better than what some people are getting.
    Good luck. We all need it.
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    Hi Cindy. I see a rheumatologist and she's very helpful. She prescribes meds for me and helps me whenever I'm having a bad flare. She'll send me for physical therapy when I ask her too. Hopefully this new one will be able to help you, especially with the medication part. There are so many aspects to FMS and CFS that it's hard to see just one doctor for all the symptoms. My family doctor is treating me for thyroid problems and fatigue. But as I said, I would give this new rheumy a try. I am also a twin. Are you identical? Does your sister have the same illness? Right now my (identical) twin sister does not. I think it might be lurking inside of her, but she hasn't displayed the symptoms that I have. But the weirdest thing has happened - both of us have had elevated liver function enzymes and at the same time! We live in different states and had the same blood tests come back elevated at the same time! Do you and your sister have those things happen too? I love to meet other twins!

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    Shazz, I didn't think of calling the hospital to find a local support group. Good idea. Thanks. By the way, I live in northwest New Jersey.

    Annette2, my sister and I are fraternal twins, but we do think alike. (Freaks our husbands out!) Oddly, we don't share ANY of the same illnesses. What a strange coincidence with your and your sister's blood tests!

    Thanks guys!