Rheumatologist diagnosed me today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by XKathiX, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Hi there,

    Had my appointment today. The doctor did all the pressure points which just about sent me off the table. When he did the knee I almost kicked him. He said "Oh, you definitely have fibromyalgia".

    His opinion is that sleep is the most important thing and he relates the psychological factor to sleep disturbance. Interestingly, he said about 70% of the people diagnosed with FM were sexually abused as children (I was). I don't agree that's why I have it now, as I spent a good many years dealing with that issue and putting it behind me.

    However, I do find it interesting that this flare up occured after I ended a 10 year relationship. It had actually ended last year but the person was still living with me for the last year waiting to get disabled housing. Needless to say to live in an environment with someone you don't want to live with is very stressful.
    It was within a month of her moving out that this all began.

    Anyhow, doc. gave me 2 steroid injections in my hips where the worst of my pain is. He also gave me a prescription for Voltaren - an anti inflammatory that is suppose to help pain. I've been taking a low dose Vicodin but he doesn't like narcotics (I'm not so crazy about them myself). So I'll give this a try and see how it works.

    I'm already scheduled to start some water therapy next week. He also wants me to go back to the sleep doc. I used to use a CPAP machine but when I had gastric bypass and lost weight, I stopped using it. I never did follow up with the sleep doc., so I guess it would be a good idea. I just hate the idea of having to go back on CPAP.

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    Hi Kathi
    I think it's always good to have a diagnosis, now come the challenges. There is some evidence that increased stress can bring on Fibro but that abuse stuff is controversial.
    I agree that sleep is very important and the thing that a lot of Doctors address at first. You may have to try a few things to get your pain under control. That is also key. Watch the Voltaren. It can have big time GI side effects. It flared up my Reflux and gave me diarrhea!

    All the best and keep us posted
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    Fortunately I have a stomach of steel and nothing ever seems to bother it. I started the Voltarin today and it seemed to go okay.

    The injections in my hips have helped too. I realized today that the doc. had said he wanted to test my for Hep C because I have tatoos and some of the symptoms I have could be symptoms of that. I'm not worried because I have had my tatoos for a long time and got them from a very reputable place, watched them take the needles from packages, etc.

    So today I realize I didn't get a lab slip, so I look at my receipt and under "special instructions" it has a few blood tests, the Hep C, TSH, and a Protein test. So I called the office to get the slip and apparently whoever checked me out was suppose to send me straight over to their lab. I didn't know, so now I'll have to go back on Monday.

    Good thing I like the doc, I've had so many problems with the rest of the staff.

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    Hope you get it under control>linda