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  1. taniar

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    NOt all Rheumatologists care, not all Rheumatologists want to deal with FM, as it is true of too many in the medical field.

    Lucky are you who have found a good one.

  2. sfrazier

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    Your right there are still a lot of rheumatologists out there that think FM is all in the head. If your primary doctor believe in an FM diagnosis then ask them to refer you to a Rheumy that believes in it too. I've only seen none Rhuemy since this has all started and am being refered to a second. My first question was if they believed in FM. That is even my first question for being refered to a councelor. I'm not going to go to any doctor that thinks all of this pain is just in my head. I wish that the doctors that don't believe could walk in our shoes for just one week. You can bet they would be believers then. Good luck and hope you find a rhuemy that can help you...... Sue
  3. Musica

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    I'm sorry that you obviously have not found a rheumy who is interested in or cares about treating FM or even pretending like it exists.

    My rheumy wrote the foreward to a new book. If it weren't about fibromyalgia and probably won't be read by rheumys who don't want to recognize FM, he could make a lot of enemies! This is what he wrote:

    "But, on occasion, there are physicians and other caregivers to rise above their peers to fight a losing battle and support the less popular and forgotten. Many physicians still hope that fibromyalgia will simply go away, so that they can get back to real medicine. Others remain skeptical of its very existence despite the 10 million Americans afflicted. A smaller group, for individual reasons of their own, choose the road less traveled, a road that may someday lead to a cure for fibromyalgia."

    Tania, I hope you find a rheumy who DOES care and treats you appropriately, as a person and patient.
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    There are some Rheumy out there that just don't give a diddie squat about fibro.I had most of the sysmptoms and all the trigger points and was never dx by my Rheumy.

    I was told"since I was under the care of pain mgmt,take it up with them "and that is what I did and was finally dx with fibro &CFS and when I asked who do I see for it..

    he lol and says "well since you already have a pain mgmt dr,let him treat you for it,even though Rheumy Dr usually are the ones to see".

    Take care,
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    I have a Great Rheumatologist, she is the one, who dx' my FMS. I already was dx for Chronic Myofasical Pain Disorder, but had the FMS symptoms, that keep everything out of wack.
    It's still out of wack, but at least I know why, and I am getting great Treatment.
    So there are some Great Doctor's out there, you just have to, as they say, "Kiss a lot of Toads" along the way.

    I wish that Everyone, was able to have Decent Doctors who believe in these dd's. Maybe then we would finally get some answer's instead of more Question's.

    Also my Orthopedic Dr. is the one who, really suspected that I also had the FMS, along with the CMPD. He sent me to the R Doc.
    My PCP, dosen't understand it, very well, but works with me, and I have no problems with them either.

    Good luck and keep on searching, they are out there, somewhere, but not in Idaho, (lol inside joke, they have the worst Dr's there for FMS).

  6. elsa

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    Never had an appointment with one. I'm lucky....my pcp is very up to date with illnesses and has "quite a few" FM/CFS patients.

    When I brought my concerns to him he went to work ruling everything else out. He's treated me wonderfully. Keeps a list in my file of all supplements I've added....may not be able to advise me on them, but does not discourage me from researching and taking them along with my medications.

    I have seen on the board everything from great to awful where rheum. and FM/CFS is concerned. I'd focus on which doctor is the most compassionate, understanding and willing to partner you in the treatment of your FM/CFS, and not so much what kind of doctor he/she is.

    Good luck.....I hope you are feeling o.k. today.

  7. Cookie3

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    Dear Tania,
    Hang in there, it is sad that there are not enough docs out there that understand our illnesses. My GP dd me with FM/CF and was also concerned that it may be something else in addition to the above. So he sent me to a really good Rheumy. He asked me questions about my pain which at that time was in my hands and feet. He asked how long does it last after waking in the morning and I said all day. That was when he said, "Honey, you also has Rhematoid Arthritis and we need to also start treating that too." So, here I am lucky enough to have good docs and you will too. Just keep looking, there is no law against looking for a doc until you find the right ones. Good luck, Ret. Teacher in New Orleans, Cookie