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    I have an appt. with my Rheumy on Friday. I printed out a copy of an article about Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction. I also want to ask her about Mycoplasmas, Chostochindritis (sp), neurally mediated hypotension and being warm all the time. My question is: I don't want to appear like a know-it-all. How do I approach her? I have a good relationship with her, but after seeing the movie today "I Remember Me", I'm nervous. I NEED HELP! I don't want to "blow" this and have her brush me off. Thanks!!!!

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    I see I posted this twice - the first time I thought my computer was crapping out.....sorry.....

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    I've had 38 years of practise with Doctors and I've stuck to the golden rules at all times. It may be of help, it may be not. Here is what I do:

    1. I have a list of questions written down
    2. I stick to facts
    3. I avoid using phrases like "I feel"
    4. I use the words "I am" instead
    5. I'm never afraid of the Doctor, even if I am :)

    Apart from this, I ask any questions. My doctor (I call him uncle since we've known each other for so long) says that NO questions are stupid questions and only stupid Doctors avoid questions. So, there you are.

    My advices were only "emotional" but they might work :)
    Good luck!
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    Your post didn't get "bumped off." It just made it to the bottom of the page because there were a lot of new posts. Once that happens it goes to page two and gets much less reading. So I'm bumping it back up for you so maybe you will get some more answers.

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    Show your rheumy your articles, ask the questions you mentioned above. Certainly if you have seen this rheumy for awhile, she has already come to realize you are a very intelligent individual.

    If your intelligence, and pro-activity in your treatment, become a concern to her, then you really aren't seeing the right doctor for you, are you?

    Don't be nervous--it is your appointment, she is the service provider. I bet when all is said and done--there will not be a problem at all.

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    You're wonderful! I don't think I understand this system yet. I really appreciate what you did!

    Annette2 :)
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    For the Nighthawks and the EarlyBirds to reply too!

    Your doctor sounds like a very compassionate person from your past posts, so I don't think you will have a problem with what you want to say to her and ask your questions.

    Just be a good listener when she replies to you. Thats always a good way to approach any professional. Be a good listener.

    Shalom, Shirl