Rheumy cancelled my first appt. today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. karen55

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    Her nurse, who also works part time for my osteo doc, called me this morning at work and cancelled me for today because the doc was sick; rescheduled me for next Monday. I totally overdid it over the weekend, I knew I was when I was doing it, and I am paying the price now. I really wish I could have seen this doc today, I was so nervous about a new doc, but I guess I was hoping for some relief, and my meds just aren't cutting it today. I think I'm just another needle in this haystack of over-doers around here right now.
  2. karen2002

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    I know how much these first appointments elevate our hopes, and then to have it canceled must have been a let down. Try to get some rest, between now, and Monday--I know this will be hard to do, during the holiday. Do take the time, to rest though, especially since you have overdone. Now is the time to do some R&R....cause it will only get worse if you don't care for yourself, but you knew that *wink*--and Monday will be here before you know it. Wishing you the best with the new rheumy.
    Merry Christmas--Karen
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    I'm sorry you were cancelled. But as the others said, rest up as much as you can. Remember, if you saw the doctor today she would be feeling lousy, and maybe wouldn't give you the attention you need. So it's better for you both that she cancelled. I hope you have a very pain-free Christmas!

  4. karen55

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    Last thing I need is to be examined by a doc with the flu, and yes, I could have had to wait weeks for another appointment. I really think it helped that I know the nurse from my osteo's office, so she got me in quickly. Part of me is afraid to see the rheumy, I'm afraid she will want to take me off of the meds I'm on that are at least helping some of the time, and give me something "lesser" that I "know" will not help me. But part of me was looking forward to seeing her because she may have some ideas that the other doc hasn't thought of. I need to add, the main reason he wants me to see her is my hands. There is fluid in my thumb joints and he wouldn't attempt injecting them as they are. It's probably just as well I didn't see her yesterday, because if she HAD injected them, I would probably be useless for a couple of days, and this is definitely NOT the time for that.
    As for taking it easy, I have been cooking for 5 hours this morning so I can hopefully just enjoy my day with all the kids tomorrow. I'll take it easy after tomorrow. Geesh, who am I kidding, I will have no choice after all this! LOL