Rheumy Doc Appointment...UNDERWHELMED!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    So, at 7:45 AM I was at the doctor's office...doc asked questions, did exam, etc. He gave me a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia...at least it has been confirmed. He said there was nothing much to be done for FM, gave me a referral to a hand clinic for therapy and a splint to help osteoarthritis and had another xray taken of my lower back which is killing me. So...

    But as to FM, he just said that FM patients don't know how to pace themselves, so to not do anything that would make me hurt the next day.

    For my back...don't bend over! Period. Get a picker-upper tool to help with housework. Don't bend knees, etc. I asked him if I should pick things up with my toes...(-: He said he did but that he wasn't telling me to do that...get the picker-upper.

    Don't know that he's the one for me. I will try the things he's said, see how I feel in a couple of months, and go from there.

    I also asked him about sleep, and he told me that he was the wrong one to ask about that, and that getting a good night's sleep would probably help my FM but to find another doctor.

    Like I said...underwhelmed. He also gave me a phamphlet on FM and OA from the Arthritis Society or whatever, and he also said that only the Arthritis site on the net was worth looking at as the others were too far out. So...you see?

    Underwhelmed...can't say much more than that. I'm glad I wasn't expecting too much because I probably would have cried; on we go on the search. Will check out the Arthritis site and see what they have to say.

    At least he acknowledged that FM did exist...just that not much could be done.

    Another chapter in our "Search for an Understanding Doctor" book.

  2. jbopooh

    jbopooh New Member

    your mission should be to get the help you need- not what they want you to have! You should talk to your regular doctor about help with sleeping, it is very important with FM to get a good night sleep, without it I'm worth nothing the next day- Trazodone has been helpful to me. You may want to see another Rheumy- I've seen 3 this year- I'm not really happy with any of them but as I said you need to get the help you need- study up on new meds, etc. My regular PC dr. is the only dr. that really wants to help me- I'm getting ready to start Pain Management- my suggestion. No one knows how you feel but you. So don't give up, you're your own best advocate!
    Good Luck!
  3. craziC

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    That is hogwash! There are a lot of things that can be done to control your FM. Just ask the members here. Sure not everything works but there are things you can do. First, educate yourself. Research, research, research. Ask others what has worked for them. Learn from those who suffer right along with you. I have gained the most knowledge about this illness from others who have it.

    If you are having a hard time finding a good doc there's a great place right here on this site to do a search. At the top, there's a purple tab called "Doctor Referral". Click on that and then on "Co-Cure's Good Doctor List". Scroll down until you find your state and it will give a list of docs in your state/area. That's how I found my doc and he's amazing. Good luck!
  4. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I have looked on the Doctor Referral before and there is no one in our area...our area is a bit remote.

    But, I have learned a lot from this board, from reading, etc. so I am at the point of laughing...don't bend? Really? How does one live life and not bend?

    Now, I must say this was only my first visit, so he at least validated what I believed. And as I do have the arthritis, I do hope that the hand thing will help. Will give it a little time to see where the cards lay.

    Actually, I was laughing at what I would say to my husband...can't do the laundry because I's have to bend...and some other things.

    Anyway, a good laugh, and I'll live to fight another day.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Boy it sounds to me like this dr. doesn't know much about fibro. See another dr. about sleep. Not much to do for fibro. I say find a new dr. , call the Arthritis foundation they can also recommend someone in your area, and when you call ask if they deal with fibro. good luck.
  6. Tamzyn

    Tamzyn New Member

    affiliated with Johns Hopkins, I was so disappointed as she didn't even give me a diagnosis but said my doc was doing all that could be done.

    She saw my medical records and noted I had taken methadone and let me know they didn't prescribe that medication. I felt like telling her if I wanted Meth, I would still be going to the pain clinic. It didn't help much and wasn't easy to go off of but sure beats trying to get off the patch.

    I won't waste time going to another Rheumy as she charged over 200. for absolutely nothing and gave me small karate chops when she checked for tender spots. This isn't the proper way to find them and a certain amount of pressure should be used. I was almost in tears when she gave me a business card for a university in Washington DC that does research and said to call them as they might have some study for me. She said I'd have to do this on my own though.

    My own doctor helps me sleep at night with a xanax which works better than the newer expensive sleep medications.

    I honestly think some physicians think FM is the fault of patient, if not they certainly don't do anything to make one feel comfortable having this.

    I am using a new liquid medication to be rubbed on body where it's painful named 024 liquid oil pain neutralizer and it helps which surprised me. It is l7.00 or so for a tube but it's made especially for Fibro. I might have read about it here. Also heat pad that stick on different parts of body helps but not a godsend in the heat. It can be googled as I did find a site.

    Take care
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  7. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Well, even the prestigious medical institutions are not always up on everthing! I'm sure the cost of yesterday's visit was up there! Won't think of it now.

    I have tried 024, and at first I didn't like it, but the other day, out of pure frustration, I tried it again, and it did help for a bit. And heating pads? I have two in our RV, one at home, and one in a suitcase so I will never be without one. I'm not opposed to having one on and sitting by a fan. Our climate is very moderate, so I don't have to deal with the horrible heat elsewhere. I would say the range of temp here is from 35-75 all year, with 35 being a low at night during winter, and 75 being a really warm day in summer. Not bad at all.

    Thans for sharing your experience and thanks for responding. It certainly is good to know one isn't alone in this sometimes maddeding journey.

    A great weekend for you!
  8. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    reminds me of that old joke, Doc it hurts when I do this, well (says the doc) don't do that!!!

    I was not too impressed by my rheumy either. I only went for a script for Klonopin (generic) and got it, so at least I got what I was after.

    He claims to have about 30 patients with FM but says he never heard of light sensitivity. WHAT???

  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I would agree that the search continues.
  10. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    )-: But, I didn't want one this time. I will next time, and I am anxious to start the hand therapy. Last night I couldn't pick the skillet off the stove to serve dinner. My husband had to do it, and my hands are killing me today. I know I have some arthritis, but I'll be glad when he sees my xrays to see there is none in my wrist and fingers...they just hurt! "Just don't use them," he'll probably say.

    OK...I won't bend, and I won't use my hands...???What will I do? (-:


    Yes, the hunt continues. As always.
  11. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I also live in a "ruralish" area and there are no doctors that just treat FM. In fact, we only have 3 rheumies in town and they all are in the same practice. Our town is the county seat of Humboldt County, CA, and the biggest city...28,000 in the city limits but probably 60,000 in the outlying areas.

    Our county only has 160,000 people in it. So, if you live in a rural area and have those services, get down on your knees and give thanks. I'm looking at traveling if I can't find something here...that is if I can't drop this all on my shrink. ( Just posted about physical signs of depression...inside joke with myself!)

    So happy for you.
  12. chazzsmom99

    chazzsmom99 New Member

    I just posted an answer to another thread of yours, but then I saw this one. Which rheumy did you go to? Just curious if it was the same one I saw. At the time I was living in lake co., and he was the only one close to me at the time that accepted my insurance. It was a 3 hr. trip at the time. Also I had no idea what FM was--I just knew I was in pain. My blood work had come back as positive for RA, and I was referred to him. I was not impressed with him......

  13. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I just asked you the same question on the other board! (-: The doctor I saw was Dr. Dietz...underwhelmed is probably kind. What about you? Think I'll look at the other site! We'll get this info somehow.



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