Rheumy gave me Celebrex yesterday I take blood thinners too...

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    Hi friends - my rheumy gave me celebrex yesterday and I am already on blood thinners for blood clots in my lungs in the past.

    I am not allowed to take Motrin or anything becasue of the blood thinners = so I am wondering why I am able to take this. I have the script here and sort of afraid to take it.

    I asked about side affect and he said if I did not have any with Motrin that I would not have any with this. Does this sound right? Soudns like Celebrex would have alot more side effects, from what I am reading.

    He gave it to me with Percocet to help me get thru this bad flare up. He also found bercitis (spelled wrong) in my knee and did some injections to break it up.

    ANy advice? Anyone taking this with blood thinners? Not sure is I should attempt taking it.