Rheumy in N. VA

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    I am looking around for a new rheumatologist in the DC Metro area. Someone on this board once recommended Dr. Claudia Saba. I have made an appt. with her for next month, can the person who recommended her tell me if this recommendation still stands?

    Also, any other recommendations?


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    I use the rheum dept at georgetown U. Been fine for me...
  4. BabiCati

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    I will look into that...
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    I've been seeing Dr. Walitt at Washington Hospital Center for the past 3 years. He started as a research fellow, specializing in fibromyalgia, and is about the most knowledgeable doc I know of in the area (and I've been through quite a few).

    He will do a very thorough workup, and takes the time to listen to any concerns you have. For example, I will not take any drugs that have been on the market for less than 5 years because I want to know what the longterm effects are going to be if I plan to be on something longterm. He respects this, although he will still tell me about the drugs. He also allows me to e-mail him in between appointments if I'm having special issues with a treatment he's prescribed. If I need to come in, he'll tell me to make an appointment, but usually we can get small things resolved without having to make the trip from Dale City to DC.

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    Hilary, I'll look him up too. He sounds like what I need.

    There is nothing worse than being sick and having a jerk for a doctor.


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