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    Hello all. This is a little bit long, but I REALLY need help in finding a new Rheumy in the Phoenix area.

    My recent experience with my Rheumatoligist was a nightmare. I have RA and FM & osteoarthritis and have been seeing this doc for about a year. I see him every 2 months and last appointment was 11/20/06.

    I have been on 20 mgs of methotrexate for 7 years and it does help the RA. Well, a couple weeks ago, I developed cold sores really bad (common side affect from methotrexate)and ran out of a prescription ointment that works great which I got from a previous doc.

    I called the Rheumy's office to see if he could call in this script to my pharmacy and told his assistant that I needed the ointment because the metho causes the cold sores.

    Well a couple days later he still had not called it in and I called the assistant back and asked her about it. Get this: She stated that he would not call in the script and I should call my primary care doc for it and she also told me that he stated that methotrexate does NOT cause cold sores. I told her I could not believe that he does even know THE most common siee affect to a drug that he is prescribing to many patients and that he refused to prescribe this ointment.

    I was flabbergasted. Later that day, I printed out some info from the NIH website that clearly states that cold and mouth sores are the MOST common side affect to methotrexate and faxed it to his office along with a letter telling him how upsetting this was that he would NOT treat simple cold sores. Geez, it was not like I was asking for morphine.

    I decided I was "firing him" and I called his office back and asked them to send me copies of all my medical records.

    I received them last week and on his notes where it stated diagnosis, he put that I have RA, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthrisis which I knew I had. He also added that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and 2 other things called Myalgia and Myositis. However on the notes from my previous appointment with him in September, it ony stated the DX of the RA, FM and osteoarthritis.

    As I read this I could not believe what I was reading. HE has NEVER told me anything about having CFS, Myalgia and Myositis. I have never even heard of the last 2 illnesses. His exams take only about 1-2 minutes with a brief cursory of the joints and muscles to check for imflammation. He barely touches the area and no way could get a good touch to see how inflamed my joints and muscles really are.

    I called his office today and left a message with his assistant to find out about these 3 diseases that he has diagnosed but NEVER told me about. Of course she has not called back yet.

    This is an absolute poor lack of care and I oersonally think he is an idiot. So if any of you can help to find a new Rheumy in the Phoenix, AZ area, I would be forever grateful.

    Thanks also for letting me rant....

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    Hi Kelly,

    Not that I think your Rheumy isn't a quack, but Myalgia and Myositis are symptoms, not a diagnosis.

    the prefix "my" means having to do with the muscle
    the suffix "algia" in this case means pain
    the suffix "itis" means inflammation.

    So basically he was noting that you had muscle pain and inflammation. Strange that he never mentioned the CFS to you......it kinda sounds like he doesn't want to treat those types of illnesses.

    Be happy though that they sent you your records and that he was seemingly thorough in describing your symptoms. I hope you can find another Doctor that will treat you properly.

  3. twitcher

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    inflammation of muscles. They are both symptoms. Myositis can be an actual disease though. My friend has it. She was diagnosed by a muscle biopsy. She has autoimmune dermatomyositis.

    I've seen myalgia and myositis on several of my records as well. I've never had a muscle biopsy.

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    Dear Kelly:

    Wow. I cannot imagine that this doctor is still practicing medicine.

    I love my rheumatologist. He spends about 20 or more minutes with me...even his appointments are not double and triple booked. He calls me at home with info from blood tests, etc., and e-mails me as well. I have had a bunch of complications this past year, and he has really gone out of his way to make sure that I am okay.

    Good luck to you in your search for a caring, knowledgeable rheumatologist.


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