rheumy stopped taking my ins

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    I am so upset...a combination of angry and sad. My rheumy who diagnosed my fibro has stopped taking my ins. I just saw him on the 9th and he said absolutely NOTHING to me about the change. I found out only by accident when I was looking up a different doctor. Turns out he terminated his contract on 9-1.

    Now, I have to self pay the 16 depromedrol shots I got plus the doctor fee. I am mad about that, but I it's my own fault. I guess I need to check with my ins before every doctor visit I have.

    I am sad because now, I have to find a new doctor and start over. AND pay to have my records transferred to the new doctor.

    I guess I don't need to worry about asking him for pain medication now do I?

    Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Chicago Suburbs? I will look at the good dr list as well.

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    i havent talked to the doctors office yet. i am mad....they should have said something but then again, isnt it the patients responsibility to keep up with that? I dont know.

    I think I will call tomorrow & ask about pain meds and see if he will prescribe something since i just saw him on the 9th. then i will go from there.
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    i didn't even address the ins issue...i asked about pain meds. he said that he thought a lose dose narcotic was in order, but he didnt feel comfortable prescribing it since i see a psychiatrist for anxiety and she prescribes my an anti anxiety drug and the zoloft. he said to talk to her so she could prescribe it. that sounds odd to me, but i emailed her anyway. we'll see what she says.