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    I saw my rheumy again on Friday for my FM. I needed a statement from him for LTD because they want statements from my "specialists" and not just my PCP. The rheumy informed me on Friday that he "doesn't do disability"!!! However, he did go ahead and fill out my paperwork and put down that I could return to work full time in September. He said that if I will stay on my CPAP machine (recently diagnosed with sleep apnea), that I will be brand new in a few months. They had given me a copy on Friday of my entire medical record (except for Friday's note) which I also need to turn in to LTD. They faxed Friday's note to me this morning. I noticed that there were a couple of errors in the note.

    In my history, he stated that my CPAP machine was helping my fatigue. What I had told him was that it was helping my "sleepiness but not my fatigue". I specifically remember wording it just like that. There were also some other errors, like under my review of systems (which is what MY complaints are - not his physical exam), it says that I was totally negative under musculoskeletal for any pain (which was incorrect).

    I called the receptionist that faxed the note to me. I told her who I was and that I had noticed a couple of discrepancies in my note. She immediately interrupted me and said "he doesn't do disability...he's not going to fill out disability papers for you...blah, blah, blah". (By the way, he DID fill out my disability papers on Friday...just wasn't happy doing it and made it clear that he wasn't going to continue to do so).

    SHE WAS SO RUDE!!! I stopped her and told her that "I didn't say anything about disability. I just need a couple of things corrected in my note since this is going to my insurance company". She then asked what I wanted. When I told her about the error under the review of systems, she said "he didn't find any tenderness on your physical exam". I told her that that was not true. That firstly, I was speaking about the review of systems which is MY COMPLAINTS, and that if she bothered to look under my physical exam she would see that he found six tender points (which was all he bothered to check). She then told me that he'd call me back.

    Well, he called back. He immediately started in saying that he didn't understand what the problem was. I told him that I would like the word "fatigue" changed to "sleepiness" as that was what I had told him and that otherwise it would be contrary to what I am purporting in my other records...that I didn't need the insurance company questioning these things. He told me that "you're CPAP machine IS helping your fatigue"...WHAT??? And then he went on to say that my pain is "all gone". I reminded him that my pain is NOT all gone, but no longer "excruciating". And then I let him know that Friday evening the pain hit me again in a HUGE way, that it lasted throughout the night, and all day Saturday and Saturday night. I was so weak Friday night and Saturday that I could not walk at all without using my forearm crutches that I had from my knee surgery 10 years ago. I asked him if the Lyrica needed to be changed and then he said that the pain was just like my sleep...that the problems would come and go but would eventually go away. He told me to just keep using the CPAP and by this summer I would be like brand new. I told him I hope he's right...I hope I'm bouncing off the walls with energy come this summer...that I'd love to have my life back. I then asked him if STRESS could have caused the FM flare because I was a little stressed out when I left his office on Friday. He said YES, that stress could be bringing on all my problems. He told me I needed to get counseling.

    He then basically told me that he wasn't going to change a thing of my note. I told him that was fine and he hung up the phone on me.

    I am pretty distressed that his receptionist was so rude to me and interrupted me talking about disability when I hadn't even said the word "disability" to her. That proves to me that THIS DOCTOR WAS TALKING ABOUT ME TO HIS STAFF, including his receptionist.

    Also, I noticed on ALL OF MY NOTES from his office, he claims to have listened to my heart and chest (which he NEVER has). He doesn't even have a stethoscope on him when he comes into the office. If he had bothered to listen to my heart, he would hear my heart murmur.

    I'm a medical transcriptionist. I know why he included exams that he didn't actually do. It's so he can charge the insurance company for a longer office visit than he actually did. He charged a "level 4" which is somewhere around 35 minutes or longer. He DID NOT spend more than 15 minutes total with me, and that included the time spent filling out my disability paper.

    In the meantime, I have an appointment today with my ENT to do a thorough workup on my dizziness to rule out any other reason for it other than CFS. I had seen my former PCP for over two years because of fatigue and dizziness. He had sent me to this ENT...and the ENT is the only one thus far that has bothered to care enough to really listen to me. He was the one that initiated my labs and found that I had chronic Epstein Barr. He had sent me to the rheumy thinking that a rheumy was what I needed for followup of CFS...by the way, my rheumy told me on Friday that he doesn't know anything about CFS.

    I have an appointment tomorrow with infectious disease to follow me for CFS. (Although, he told me in October there was nothing he could do for me, but that I was welcome to come back -- my LTD company is insisting that I have a "specialist" follow me for my problems and not my PCP).

    I have an appointment on Thursday with a psychiatrist (at this point after all this crap, I definitely feel I'm losing it!).

    And I have an appointment on Friday with Social Security!

    This is going to be a busy week!

    Anyhow, just had to vent about that darn rheumy. At least I did get a definite diagnosis of FM from him...but I will NEVER go back to him. Don't know why my PCP can't follow me for this. My PCP's the one who put me on the Lyrica anyhow.


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    sorry to hear what you went through with your rheumy.

    i would suggest if you have not already that you consult a lawyer re: insurance insisting and threatening termination if you dont be under the care of a "specialist". Could be they are bullying you as they are famous for doing this and a lawyer will better know your rights and responsibilities in this matter and many others.

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    Thanks for the advice. I would never have thought that LTD couldn't force me to get statements from my specialists. Hmm...
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    I am sooooo sorry TerryS that you are having such a problem with those people. ((((((( hugs )))))))) You don't need that additional stress.

    I see what is going to happen when I just ask for a lousy STD extension ... geeeeezzzz. I went to a Neuro last week that sounds just like your dern Rheumy BUT his office will fill out papers for $5.00 per form or whatever. For Heaven's sake! The people at my PCP's office aren't rude ... just dumb. I don't know what we are supposed to do? I am waiting for the STD lady to call me back so I know which DR has to approve/request an extension. I can't work in this condition :-( ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Good luck sweetie :)

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