Rheumy visit tom. Need advice...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amyd, Jul 21, 2003.

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    My return visit to the rheumatologist is tomorrow. I will find out the results of my blood tests and bone scan. I'm really stressed out about it but at least maybe he can help me! I was sent to him because I have a positive Rheumatoid Factor. He doesn't believe it is RA. I feel that it is FM. I've researched it a lot and I have almost all of the symptoms. I don't know how this Dr. is about FM. What can I do besides give him an unending list of symptoms? He is older and I'm afraid he's not a "believer". I'm afraid that he is just going to brush me off if my test are all normal!!
    Can you give me some advice as to what to say or do?????

  2. mamafurr

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    pull up "madwolf" in the search and find the post about how to talk to your doctor.

    you need to tell the doc what YOU think and what YOU are feeling. if you can, print or write out fm "symptoms" and put a check mark to each one that applies to you. remember the trigger points for pain. fatique, etc. even tho my doc is a "believer" i always go in w/a list of things to discuss. if your new doc is a good rhuemy, he will recognize the fm symptoms. if you have a + ra factor, i wonder why he is discounting it. maybe he thinks it's fm as well...good luck, keep us posted
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    I pulled it up and it was wonderful advice!!! I'm going to go and make myself a list of everything I can think of!!!
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    he might surprise you and know a lot about FM. If not then you can always try a different Dr. Sometimes that's what it takes.

    Be sure to ask a lot of questions and don't be afraid ask him to explain things to you.