Rheumy wanted me to try Cherry Juice and Black Cohosh, Anyone

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Had an appointment with my rheumy yesterday. He wanted me to try Cherry Juice . Went last night and got a bottle, was rather expensive, but now not sure how to drink it. Do I mix it with anything or take it straight. I will call the office later. Anyone taken this if so any good or bad results.

    Now the Black Cohosh / Ginsing. Not for menapause symptoms, been there done that but he is hoping it will help my anxiety / and over all mood.

    Thought what the heck will give them a try but have done this so many times I am being negative and not very hopeful..

    Thanks and God bless,
  2. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hi GG,

    I used Cherry Juice for a while - I just drank a 6 ounce glass of it every day - and it really helped to reduced my arthritic/fibro pain. Unfortunately, it wasn't good for my diabetes so I chose not to continue, but, if diabetes isn't an issue, I'd highly recommend it.

    I can't comment on the black cohosh/ginsing for anxiety, having never tried this before.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    The Cherry Juice I got is concentrated I am to mix one tablespoon in water . My blood sugar is running on the high side which I am trying to control with diet so that is one of my concerns.

    Will try and see how it does.

  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    My mom swears by cherry juice, both for pain and for sleep (it has an impact on melatonin, too)....I tried it with no luck (but no side effects, either, and I do get side effects from straight melatonin........and cherry juice does taste good, so overall trying it didn't bother me or help either one)....as far as blood sugar goes, maybe you could take it with a small amount of protein

    re black cohosh, I took it for awhile when I was having really bad hot flashes (no I am not menopausal or even pre yet, but these lovely illnesses really screw with my body temp)....it definitely did help me with that, but I was advised to stop taking it bc I am on the pill (for endometriosis) and given the way that black cohosh acts sort of like estrogen, it is apparently not a great idea to take both long term
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Be careful with the black cohosh. I can't believe your MD wouldn't do a hormonal test first. Hormones are so complicated anyway. BC does have estrogen properties! I took it years ago hoping to straighten out my periods, and it made everything worse as unbeknownst to me, I had endometriosis. At the time, it was a 'new disease' so no warnings...
  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    LOL this is the kind of doctors we have where I live. At times I truly think I know more than they do. I would fire most of them if it was up to me. We do have three good docs, a surg. obgyn and the one that puts u to sleep can't spell it..

    If you ask questions you do not get an answer . I would love to find a good doc even though I am not able to travel out of town I would make the effort. Oh, the only rx med I take is xanax prn for anxiety/cfs.. vitamin/mineral supplement, fish oil and vit d3.. he did ask me and has a record of those med.

    I am drinking the Cherry Juice because I really like it .. The others I haven't tried. As far as hormones mine are 0 as I had a complete hyster. 15 yrs ago. loved the hrt but at 63 decided to go off it, that might have been one of my many mistakes.

    Thanks for your input,
  7. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I love cherry juice but it never did anything for my pain. I remember my Aunt telling me this but I think she laced hers with vodka. Yikes!!

    This doctor is a rheumatologist and giving you this advice? Is he trying to humor you with Big Supplement? I would be insulted. Since he is not an integrative doc., I am surprised he would give you this advice, especially if the cherry juice can rev you up.

    Yes I would fire him if you have that option. Are there any doctor's that are within driving distance, hopefully in a larger city that you could see and perhaps work with your doctor?

    I am just brainstorming here.

    So sorry you are in this situation. I would send you my PCP who is wonderful and because of her I fired my rheumy who really was a sports medicine doctor. My PCP has 500 patients with FM so she is a valuable resource. But I don't think she makes house calls. :>)

    I'd go for Big Pharma I take tramadol for the pain and an AD for depression but it also helps with the pain. Nuvigil which helps a bit with energy.

    But do what you feel comfortable with.

    Take care.

  8. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    gap said, "I love cherry juice but it never did anything for my pain. I remember my Aunt telling me this but I think she laced hers with vodka. Yikes!!"

    now that's a treatment I could go for! ; )

    actually I can't tolerate alcohol anymore, but that sounds pretty good & I couldn't resist commenting on it

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