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  1. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Anyone else have this experience. This was recommended after many trials & no improvement
  2. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

  3. dragon06

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    I don't quite understand. Are you saying that your Rheumy is saying to go with no drugs or that your Rheumy's stance is to use no drugs?
  4. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Yes please explain a little more.
  5. 5hei1a

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    Yes, please give us a little more explanation

    Soft hugs,
  6. abcanada

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    I posted back last night, but it didn't post...or my absent mind??? I had been through several drug trials before seeing him, as I had endured ridiculous waits....12 months for MRI, 14 months for rheumy, and had many other lab tests to rule out organic cause. I live in the richest part of canada & that's what we get. Nothing, so saw rheumy after going to pain clinic who pushed gabepentin...Similar to Lyrica I think. I was like a saggering drunk for 6 weeks, couldn't take care of myself, or kids & ended up in emerg.Did not warn me of severe side effects. not just drowsy, but couldn't maintain balance, etc.
    I have also had reactions to many other drugs, which is no surprise, as I can't eat alot of things anymore, do not tolerate smell, wear sun glasses inside, as my eyes are ultra sensative, being touched now hurts & noise..no tolerance. This condition has caused me to drop 30 lbs, now 103 lbs! Not healthy & have terrible eczema(biopsied), all over my head, face, neck, back, but.
    Anyway by the time I got to Rheumy, everything(to my knowledge) had been ruled out. He said he understood I was in severe pain & really felt no drugs were proven to help fibro...or maybe he meant my situation, did not specify in report. He wanted me to get physio, which was a joke as I'd always been super high energy prior to this out camping, hiking, ice fishing, etc. And learn lifestyle changes.I also have 4 young children which I have diligently searched for a 'cause' & solution" to my severe health problems. You get physical activity whether you want it or not! 3 boys.
    I have complied with all docs recommendations, the hardest being getting off all drugs, as pain was/is very severe. Cost certainly a motivator, as it was taking away from my family!
    Moods are a concern, but have learned many ways to manage my pain, one being sitting my dear husband down & telling him that he had to get with the program & get moving to help. To the capacity of 2 parents, or I would have to leave to try to heal. He was actually in denial, had no outside support & turned out it was very painful for him to see me like this, and seriously overworked. I then involved social servies which has helped us all to 'manage our situation & provide my kids a chance to talk.etc.
    A bit of info, but now going to trial with CPP Disablity, so I NEED to prove that I've done my part! Which I feel I have without compromising our family, within our financial means & safety of my children. By the way this all occurred very suddenly after a severe post partum hemorhage after the birth of my 4th child! Nice hey...
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    Lyrica can help, but can also have devastating side effects. I can not take it either. I have tried several times because it does help. But, I just can't tolerate the side effects.


    Other than Lyrica and an anti-depressant, my doctors barely acknowledge FM and CFS and surely do not think pain meds are indicated. GEE thanks, huh.

    I'm rambling, but the bottom line is this. I have since made an attempt to get off of all of my fibro meds. I still have to take something to help me sleep. But I am on no pain meds except the occasional Darvocet of my husbands.

    I don't know how well I will hold up; but I do think that sometimes the meds can cause more problems than they help.

    Wish I had the answer for all of us. Stay hopeful. Good for you for talking with your hubby. We need all the love and support we can get. Good for you for getting support for him and your children too.

    Soft hugs,
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    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

    This is a shot in the dark, but have you looked at allergies as a potential source of/contributor to your problems? We found with a family member that a large number of "mild" allergies lead to some serious symptoms, similar to what you describe, over time.

    It was diagnosed and cleared up with the assistance of an allergist and a clinical nutritionist.

    Just rang a bell for some reason.
  9. abcanada

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    I have suggested that, but I can't tell you how much INSISTANCE I have put on my doc. Health care is seriously compromised here, as they don't want to do anything extra that costs tax payers?!?! She's very pleased with all the feed back I got from specialists and feels I should be satisfied...hard to say. I go through periods where I 'mentally' feel I could conquer the world & others where I just give up on it...not many decent days. After 3 1/2 years of this I've had it..My last pregnancy I became severely allergic to latex suddenly. Very frustrating!!!
    I do feel if I ever do recover that I will go to law school, or med school....haha Laura
  10. tonakay

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    I couldn't take lyrica, I use topamax. Not sure if you have that in Canada. I also use Norco for pain. I don't know how you cope with those small children and absolutely NO HELP from those doctors! I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I'm just speechless.

    Sending good thoughts your way though!

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