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  1. marilynb

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    Has anyone heard of or had a Rhizotomy? My new pain Dr set me up to have one. He told me little about it. Then I came home & looked it up & there are a lot of negatives on this procedure. I don't believe I will go through with this. Now I wonder if he will release me, if I deny this procedure.

    Can anyone give me some insight?

  2. 3gs

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    I went thru this and it was hell. Especially with the way we react to things.

    First one was ok but not for long. The doc I had was a total quack and almost ended me up in hospital and so traumatized I wouldnt see a doc for over a year. I have never had a good experience with pain clinics and will never go to another one.

    It is not fun. They lay you on a table and to find the nerve they can not give you anything for pain or numbing. A large needle is inserted in your back til they hit nerve. Then they can begin to burn nerve. They due numb area before burning but it didnt due such. The jerk I saw didnt even due that.

    Your doc cannot release you because you refuse a treatment. It comes with risks.

    Go with your feeling-don't do it
    sorry this isnt more clear if you want more info let me know and when my heads clearer i'll post
  3. KerryK

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    I understand the benefits are only temporary as the nerve regrows. It is a lot to go through for a temporary benefit.

    Good luck!
  4. Scapper

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    I had Facet Rhizotomy done on L1 thru L5 June of 2010.

    My doctor used an anethesiologist, so I didn't experience pain at all during the procedure.....just more discomfort. He also used a "local" for the needles.

    I thought it was going to be awful, b/c of the way it sounds (as 3gs stated) but it really was not.

    My 20 year pain at L1 (a fx from an auto accident) was relieved, however, for some crazy reason, my sacram was in severe pain afterwards. I thought it was "referred pain" and that it would calm down over time (as did my doc).

    It never did. My doc at first said that this can happen, but it usually goes away. After about 6 months, he then said that this pain was NOT from the procedure (I disagree).

    So, for me it wasn't ALL good by any means. However, my body doesn't react the way "the norm" does for whatever reason.

    Yes, the facet nerve does grow back after about a year or so. However, in some cases it may grow back differently and the pain "may" change.

    If my sacram didn't react to this procedure, I would have been thrilled w/ the zero pain at L1, which was a nightmare for 20 years.

    Sorry for my mixed results.

    I would say it all depends on how severe your pain is? And, if you responded to the "facet blocks" -- docs do this first and if you get relief, then you are a candidate for the rhizotomy. I'm assuming you had the series of facet blocks????

    Good luck!!!!!
  5. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hi Marilyn,

    I had never heard of this surgery before but was interested in reading about it so I looked it up on the web. There are definetly pros and cons to this surgery so I am so glad to see that you are researching it and posting about it. What are you having the rhizotomy done for? Just curious. Hopefully you will get some helpful replies on this! Best of luck to you,

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie

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